Casa de Investiţii ALIANŢA completes 1.7 MW photovoltaic farm

I.P (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 4 septembrie 2012

Casa de Investiţii ALIANŢA completes 1.7 MW photovoltaic farm

EPC contractor EPC Egnatia Romania, provider of turnkey services for photovoltaic services, has completed the works and the connection to the grid of the 1.7 MW photovoltaic park built by Romanian privately owned company "Casa de Investiţii ALIANŢA". The project located in Lachinţa, country of Bistriţa-Năsăud - was connected to the national electricity grid on August 17th, 2012.

Egnatia Romania, EPC contractor for this project - used 6,762 fixed solar panels and 54 inverters for this photovoltaic park. The construction works were completed in four weeks. According to the Greek company, the photovoltaic panels were supplied by Solar World, the inverters came from Power-One - one of the top suppliers of inverters in the world, whereas the structure was provided by Alumil - one of the largest European manufacturers of extruded aluminum parts and aluminum profiles.

Thomas Melitsis, the CEO of Egnatia România, said: "Our estimates show that the local market will be promising for the providers of turnkey services in the coming two years. The workload of Egnatia România over the coming six months comprises the creation of several photovoltaic parks which so far amount to 28 MW".

Romania has made the commitment to generate 38% of its electricity using renewable energy sources, as a contribution to the limiting of carbon emissions assumed by the EU member countries.

Egnatia România has been operating in Romania since 2005. The Greek company is involved in telecommunications and construction projects, it is a turnkey provider of key services for photovoltaic parks and it is also installing wind measurement towers. Egnatia Romania is the key contractor for an industrial hangar of 9,000 square meters, for Alumil. Egnatia Romania has 40 employees in Romania.

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