The plague of dancing

The plague of dancing

Cornel Codiţă (TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 9 martie 2021


Tens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of people are seized by a frenzy of dancing, without any cause or plausible motivation, a frenzy which they are unable to control and which only total physical exhaustion ends. The collective phenomenon...

Terapia Ranbaxy introduce în ţară Sevikar

Terapia Ranbaxy introduce în ţară Sevikar

F. A.Comunicate de presă / 6 iunie 2012

Terapia Ranbaxy continuă demersurile de susţinere a pacienţilor români introducând pe piaţa românească Sevikar, terapie inovatoare utilizată în controlul hipertensiunii arteriale, un medicament original descoperit de Daiichi Sankyo, arată un...

Romania Is Borrowing 55 Mio EUR Per Day

Daniel Ionescu (Tradus de Andrei Năstase)Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 20 octombrie 2009

The systemic crisis which Romania has been brought to - a crisis setting in amid profound imbalances in employment and the real economy, combined with a surge in public and private debt - has reached endemic proportion and stands unprecedented in...

Romanian Politics "Europeanization'

by Vladimir PastiZiarul BURSA #English Section / 12 februarie 2004

Romanian media, civil society leaders and a fair number of Romanian politicians - ruling and opposition politicians alike - have been caught lately in a series of conflicts, scandals and public quarrels with other media, civil society leaders and...

TODAY'S TOP STORIESStrange confrontation

By Vladimir PastiZiarul BURSA #English Section / 20 ianuarie 2004

A strange confrontation is taking place with regards to the evaluation of the Romanian economy, both abroad and in the local mass media. Teams of economic analysts from more or less prestigious institutions are applying various diagnoses to the...

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