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Automatic embroidery machine(photo source: facebook / cristiandanielstan2013)

Investment: 36 million lei for 31 schools

O.D.English Section / 21 februarie

Education needs investment, this is clear to everyone. A number of 31 educational units in the municipality of Târgovişte will benefit from investments of over 36 million lei, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), consisting...

Photo source: facebook / Ministry of National Defense - Romania

MApN employs professional soldiers

G.M.English Section / 15 februarie

The Ministry of National Defense has launched an extensive recruitment campaign for 5,093 professional and rank-and-file soldiers, with the recruitment and selection process taking place between February 12 and March 1, 2024, with the deadline...

DNSC prepares new cyber security skills

DNSC prepares new cyber security skills

O.D.English Section / 26 ianuarie

Cyber security has become extremely important globally. Any breach can cause enormous damage. The National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC) announces the start of the project "Creating new cyber security skills for society and the...

Taxes, constitutionally validated; War in Israel

Taxes, constitutionally validated; War in Israel

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 7 noiembrie 2023

The terrorist attacks that took place on October 7 in Israel, followed by the bombing of Gaza by the armed forces led from Tel Aviv, the attack in Brussels and the return of terrorist threats in the states of Western Europe made October the...

Cultural Funding Forum in Timişoara

Cultural Funding Forum in Timişoara

O.D.English Section / 11 octombrie 2023

Timişoara will host the Cultural Funding and International Connection Forum on October 30-31, aimed at contributing to the enhancement of cultural operators' capacity to develop viable and sustainable project ideas, supporting professionalism...

Photo source: facebook / LAzamfirei

Rector of UMFST praises new education law

O.D.English Section / 20 septembrie 2023

During the opening ceremony of the new academic year, Professor Doctor Leonard Azamfirei, the Rector of the "George Emil Palade" University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences, and Technology (UMFST) in Târgu Mureş, expressed his approval of...

The disease of Education: much talk, few deeds"

The disease of Education: much talk, few deeds"

Octavian DanEnglish Section / 12 septembrie 2023

A new school year began yesterday. Students, teachers, parents, and politicians marked the occasion in their own ways. Hopes are still high, but few are realized. The start of the new school year has once again demonstrated that education suffers...

Photo source: www.iranintl.com

National airspace - a sieve for Russian drones

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 12 septembrie 2023

The Plauru event could have been avoided if the decision-makers in MApN had done their job. Better said if the General Staff of the Romanian Army had ordered the deployment of Gepard mobile anti-aircraft defense systems in the border area with...

Heliport pentru cazurile medicale urgente, în Botoşani

Heliport pentru cazurile medicale urgente, în Botoşani

V.G.Miscellanea / 1 august 2022

Un heliport destinat elicopterelor care intervin pentru preluarea cazurilor medicale de maximă urgenţă va fi construit la Botoşani, în baza unui proiect implementat de Inspectoratul General de Aviaţie (IGA) din cadrul Ministerului Afacerilor...

The Covid-19 pandemic - threat or a false alarm?

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 16 iunie 2020

From the article "Will we return to normal or not?" published in BURSA about a week ago, where we pointed out that the pandemic is behaving like a montagne russe, with the number of infections in Romania being up continuously,...

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