A real tax reform or a new patch?

A real tax reform or a new patch?

Theodor StolojanEnglish Section / 18 aprilie

Theodor Stolojan

Through the National Recovery and Resilience Program (PNRR), Romania has committed to carrying out tax reform in 2025. Until the elections for the Romanian Parliament in December 2024, citizens would have the opportunity to participate in an...

Michal Mrowiec, president of the Association of Romanian Brewers and Ursus Breweries and Julia Leferman, general director of the Romanian Brewers' Association

The Beer market in our country decreased by 5% in 2023

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 3 aprilie

The beer market in our country experienced, with only 15 million hectoliters of beer sold, a decrease of 5% at the end of last year, a decrease that is added to that of 2022, according to the report presented yesterday by the representatives of...

eToro is planning its listing

eToro is planning its listing

V.R.English Section / 27 februarie

Stockbroking platform eToro is attracting interest from bankers and investors about its listing after abandoning plans to go public through a merger with a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company), according to CEO Yoni Assia. He said as quoted...

The best month in agriculture... for protests

The best month in agriculture... for protests

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 12 februarie

The political scene in our country was awakened to reality, from the sweet sleep it had fallen into during the winter holidays, on January 9, when hundreds of farmers began to move to the Capital, dissatisfied with the fiscal measures imposed by...

Photo source: facebook / gendarmerienationale

Olympic Torch, Guarded by a Small Army

O.D.English Section / 25 ianuarie

The Olympic torch will be protected by 100 police officers and gendarmes in a security "bubble" during its journey in France from Marseille to Paris before the opening of the Games, as indicated by the Minister of the Interior, Gerald...

Romania - in Schengen, by air and by water

Romania - in Schengen, by air and by water

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 18 ianuarie

The government was focused in the 4th financial quarter to reduce the budget deficit that it faced in the middle of the year and in the 3rd quarter, so that the officials in Brussels do not block the allocation of funds for our country from the...

The President of ANRE, George Niculescu, showed that, during the eight months of his mandate, 15,620 petitions were registered and resolved, most in the field of electricity, respectively, 13,562. In the field of natural gas, 2,058 complaints were registered. For comparison, in 2021, 23,778 petitions were registered and in 2022 - 38,998 petitions.

Three energy suppliers, fined 18 million lei by ANRE

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 22 decembrie 2023

The National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) fined three electricity suppliers with almost 18 million lei and sanctioned two others with a warning, because they purchased through the Centralized Electric Energy Purchase Mechanism (MACEE) a...

Final vote on the state budget law

Final vote on the state budget law

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 20 decembrie 2023

The Plenary of the Parliament is to express itself today through a final vote on the state budget law and the state social insurance budget law, normative acts that were debated last night and voted on articles and annexes, in the meeting of the...

Photo source: www.cultura.ro

Strike at the Ministry of Culture

O.D.English Section / 5 decembrie 2023

Culture needs funding, and so do the people working in this field. Employees of the Ministry of Culture and those in the County Cultural Directorates are going on a one-week Japanese strike, announced the Culturalia Union affiliated with the...

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