Eforie Town Hall To Pay 4.2954 RON Interest For 4th T-Bill Coupon

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 19 iunie 2008

Starting 16 June, the Eforie Town Hall will pay 4.2954 RON interest for the fourth coupon of the t-bills listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). Also, Eforie will also pay a tranche of 3.5 RON of the main loan, according to an announcement to the BVB issued Wednesday. The interest rate for the fourth coupon was 8.45% per year and is applicable to t-bill holders registered as such by 10 June. The interest rate for the fifth coupon is 12.45% per year. Holders registered as such by 10 October will receive a coupon of 6.1072 RON.

The Eforie Town Hall in July 2006 issued 60,000 t-bills with a face value of 100 RON which were listed on BVB as of 25 April 2008. The overall value of the issuance is 6 million RON. The t-bills have a maturity of 11 years - 10 December 2017. The main loan (100 RON) will be paid in 20 tranches every six months. The interest rate is variable and is calculated as 1.45% plus the average interbank offered rate for six months.

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