"Mission Accomplished!"

Vlad Dobrea (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Friday, Syria was attacked by war attacks, in which a warship of the United Nations which operate in the Red Sea (according to the American officials), American B-1 bombers, four British Royal Tornado GR4 aircraft (which fired Storm Shadow missiles) and French Rafale jets.

The targets of the attacks were as follows:

- A scientific research center in Damascus;

- A unit for the storage of chemical weapons, located west of Homs;

- An installation for the storage of chemical equipment and a command post near Homs.

Three civilians were wounded near Homs after "several" missiles were intercepted by the air defense systems in Syria, the Syrian state TV announced.

Witnesses in Damascus claim they heard explosions in the Syrian capital, inhabited by over one million people.

American president Donald Trump said that the three countries involved in the Syrian attacks want to send a message against barbarism and brutality, British prime-minister Theresa May said that "the attacks would send a message against anyone who thinks that they can use chemical weapons and be immune to consequences", and French president Emmanuel Macron said that the military operation was directed against "the clandestine chemical arsenal of the Syrian regime".

They are referring to an attack on the Syrian city of Douma, which is alleged to have occurred on April 7th, 2018, where, according to the World Health Organization, of the 70 people killed while taking shelter in basements, 43 have presented symptoms which match the exposure to "very toxic chemical substances" and that other 500 people have been hospitalized, showing traces of exposures to "toxic chemical substances".

Several reports have blamed the attacks on the Syrian army.

The Syrian government and Russia have vehemently denied their involvement and they have accused the rebels of Douma of fabricating the chemical attack, and then they accused a Western power (eventually, Great Britain, with which Russia is in dispute, in the case of the poisoning of double agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter) going as far as denying that the chemical attack had taken place.

The Syrian foreign minister said on Saturday that the American, British and French airplanes have "blatantly violated the international rule and the principles of the UN charter".

Russian president Vladimir Putin issued a statement on Saturday, saying that the Kremlin "seriously condemns" the attack on Syria, which he called "an act of aggression against a sovereign state ... at the foreground against terrorism".

He said that the attack was conducted "without the sanction of the Security Council of the United Nations, violating the UN charter, the norms and principles of international law" and that Russia calls for an immediate reunion of the UN security Council.

The resolution draft, which Russia proposed on Saturday to the UN Security Council, in order to condemn the attacks of the American, British and French coalition on Syria failed, as it was only backed by China and Bolivia, (together with Russia) of its 15 members.

The leaders of the British opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, said on Saturday, that the British attacks on Syria, as part of the coalition with the United States and France, have no legal basis: "They could have been conducted only in self-defense, had there been a direct threat on us, which didn't happened".

Referring to the intervention of the coalition in Syria, seen as a reaction in the name of humanity, Turkish prime-minister Binali Yildirim asked the coalition rhetorically, even though Turkey is a NATO member: "Where were you during the crimes of the last seven years, in Syria?! Do you only remember humanity when chemical attacks occur? We do not accept the killing of people through chemical or normal weapons".

Romania supports and is solidary with the firm response action of the US, Great Britain and France in Syria, following the chemical attack of April 7th. The government announced in a press release.

The Pentagon spokesperson, Dana White, said that the attacks have successfully struck every target and that the allies have taken all the necessary precautions to hit only the intended targets.

In the same press conference, a high ranking official of the Pentagon, general Kenneth McKenzie, said that the Western strikes have been "precise, important and effective". They have also dealt a blow to the Syrian chemical program, as it will need "years to rebuild itself", general McKenzie said. According to him, the Russian air-defense wasn't activated, and that of the Syrian regime was only started after the end of the operation. "None of the airplanes or rockets used in this operation wasn't hit by the Syrian anti-air defense", said McKenzie, remarking that, launching the unguided missiles after air blows, the Syrian regime risked making victims among civilians. "We have no clue that the Russian anti-air defense", the Pentagon representative said.

President Donald Trump exclaimed on his Twitter account: "Mission Accomplished!"

General Joseph Dunford said that "this wave of air attacks has ended".

The Russian Minister of Defense sent on Saturday is that "Over 100 cruise missiles and air-surface missiles were launched by the United States, Great Britain and France from the sea and from the air against some civilian and military Syrian objectives", claiming that "a significant number" of them have been brought down by the Syrian air defense, with Soviet weapons and that they have not encountered damages. CNN said that following the attacks in Syria caused "major losses".

(This report relies on sources from the international press)

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