Putin Responds to Macron: "Why Doesn't NATO Understand the Danger of Nuclear Conflict?"

Emilia Olescu
English Section / 1 martie

Source: www.kremlin.ru/events/president/

Source: www.kremlin.ru/events/president/

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Two weeks before the presidential elections in Russia, Vladimir Putin addressed his nation yesterday with a speech lasting over two hours in front of both chambers of the Russian parliament. "Why doesn't NATO understand the danger of a nuclear conflict?" Putin asked, mentioning that the Russian army "has gained colossal combat experience."

The Kremlin leader's statements come in response to French President Emmanuel Macron's statement regarding the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. Monday night, at the end of the meeting with the leaders of 20 European states, during a press conference, President Macron stated that, depending on the dynamics, European states might send troops to Ukraine, but no decision has been made yet.

In response, Vladimir Putin claims that there will be "tragic consequences for intruders": "We have weapons capable of hitting targets on their territory. Why don't they (NATO) understand the danger of a nuclear conflict?" The Russian leader asserts that without Russia, there can be no lasting peace in the world, mentioning that Russia is ready for dialogue with the US for strategic stability, but the United States is trying to provoke a strategic defeat for Russia: "We will not allow anyone to interfere in our internal affairs. The West is trying to weaken Russia from within."

Putin also mentioned that accusations against Russia regarding attempts to place weapons in space are unfounded. At the same time, he declared: "Our strategic forces are ready for battle. Kinzhal systems are used to hit important targets. The Zircon complex has also been used. Tests with Burevestnik, Poseidon are nearing completion. We will demonstrate the capabilities of Sarmat missiles to fulfill their combat missions. Our army has the initiative in Ukraine, liberating new territories. We will do everything to end the conflict, to fulfill the objectives of the special military operation."

Vladimir Putin spoke against NATO and the West, calling them enemies of Russia and stating that they "are preparing to attack us on our territory, using their best forces." "Their fate will, of course, be tragic," said Vladimir Putin, threatening: "They must understand that we also have weapons. We have weapons that can defeat them on their territory, and of course, this is dangerous because it could trigger the use of nuclear weapons and the destruction of civilization. Don't they understand that?"

In the Kremlin leader's opinion, the West is trying to draw Russia into an arms race to exhaust it, as it did with the USSR. Vladimir Putin argues that artificial intelligence is very important in Russia and that Russians must ensure they are competitive in this field.

Among other things, the Kremlin chief also said: "We must become technologically independent in key areas for the economy. For this, we need to rely less on imports and produce in much larger volumes. Russia has a huge competitive advantage in technology and science, but it needs to double its investments in scientific research, including in the pharmaceutical and space programs. We intend to increase investment in science and technology to 2% of GDP by 2030. I urge businessmen to invest in Russia. Taxes for small and medium-sized enterprises should be reduced. Russia is the largest economy in Europe. The Russian economy has grown by 19%, and the minimum wage will be increased. Rebuilding our industrial base is essential to protect our sovereignty."

Putin says he has plans to improve life expectancy in Russia, to ensure that the future generation is strong and robust: "More people need to engage in sports activities, funds will be allocated to improve sports infrastructure. Russians need to do more sports: Leave drinking, start skiing!"

According to Vladimir Putin, Russia's task is to develop the defense industry complex in such a way as to increase the scientific, technological, and industrial potential of the country: "We must allocate resources as rationally as possible and build an efficient economy for the armed forces to get the maximum for each ruble spent on defense. In the next six years, we must achieve a sustainable birth rate. We propose measures to support large families. We believe it is important to strengthen our relations with Arab countries, with Latin America."

Donald Tusk warns: "Putin must be taken seriously!"

"Putin must be taken seriously," warned Donald Tusk after Putin's speech, saying that "the West must wake up." There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin's speech about Russia arming itself and putting its economy on a war footing is true, said the Prime Minister of the Polish government, quoted by digi24.ro: "Not only the aggressive rhetoric but also the decisions announced by Putin - to increase Russia's self-sufficiency, to put the economy on military bases, to modernize the army - all these must be taken absolutely seriously," said Tusk. The Pole concluded: "Europe must understand that this arms race that Russia imposes on the world must make the West wake up and prepare militarily for potential threats."

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