Romanian Creative Week: One million people interacted with the 200 events

English Section / 29 mai

Romanian Creative Week: One million people interacted with the 200 events

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Over a million people interacted with the 200 events of the Romanian Creative Week (RCW) 2024, at this year's edition, held in Iasi. According to the RCW organizers, there were also over 20 million other interactions of the public on the event's accounts on social networks, being a spectacular increase of approximately 25% compared to the previous edition.

For 12 days, Iasi became the heart of fashion, art and culture in Romania, where over 1,000 Romanian and foreign artists participated, 200 events, dozens of exhibitions, film, theater and dance festivals were organized , but also three days of fashion shows, visual arts performances, concerts, conferences, workshops and competitions. Irina Schrotter, president of the Federation of Patronages of Creative Industries (FEPIC), the organizer of the event, said: "The fourth edition of Romanian Creative Week was a success. Year after year, RCW has grown, diversified and we are glad to see that the public enjoyed all the more than 200 events that we proposed this edition. Iaşi is a wonderful city, which once again proved that it knows how to welcome its artists. During these 12 days, people from the whole country, but also from abroad, to see the RCW events". Horia-Roman Patapievici, Andrei Pleşu, Vasile Bănescu and Ioan Stanomir, guests of the Creativity Conferences, an event launched starting with this edition of Romanian Creative Week, are among the famous names that were in Iaşi during this period. One of the premieres brought by RCW this year was the presence of Mircea Cantor, winner of the prestigious Duchamp prize (2011), who exhibited his latest project at the Baia Turceasca in Iasi, made at the invitation of the famous fashion house Dior. The Romanian artist reimagined the famous Lady Dior bag in his own way, as part of the eighth edition of the collaboration project between the fashion house and international artists. Set designer Dragoş Buhagiar, president of UNITER, invited along with visual artist Andrei Cozlac in the ACT Author Theater Festival, gave a unique artistic meaning to the great event. In fact, the ACT Author Theater Festival was yet another premiere of Romanian Creative Week. The two, together with the architect Andrei Bodnar, were also the authors of the "Shifting Realities" installation, exhibited on Ştefan cel Mare si Sfânt boulevard, throughout the RCW period. Irina Schrotter's collection, which ended Romanian Fashion Week, also brought a national premiere: a moment of Augmented Reality, created together with visual artists Valentina Druţu and Leontin Păun, together with architect Sebastian Comănescu and the company Centric IT Solutions. Included during the presentation of Irina Schrotter's collection, the Augmented Reality moment could be admired by thousands of spectators during the fashion show, using the RCW mobile application.