Sosoaca does not succeed in disguising his anti-Semitism

Florian Goldstein
English Section / 16 mai

Sosoaca does not succeed in disguising his anti-Semitism

Versiunea în limba română

A terrible scandal caused Senator Diana Şoşoacă at the joint session of the Parliament on Tuesday, dedicated to the Day of Solidarity and Friendship between Romania and Israel (May 14 is the National Day of Israel), who claimed from the podium that the National Day of Honoring the Martyrs should be commemorated from communist prisons, and not Israel Day, and accused the Legislature of "betraying" the Romanian people and the interests of our country.

In addition, Şoşoacă said: "This year, after we managed to pass in the Senate the Vexler law introducing a representative of the Jewish minority in the CSAT, the Chamber of Deputies, decision-making chamber, decided that in the CSAT, there will be a representative of the Jewish minority. How is it possible that there is a foreigner in the highest secret body of the Romanian state? In the country's defense council, along with the president and the most important ministers for the country's defense?"

And he continued: "We have a Jewish member in CSAT, because Mr. Vexler pulled the strings."

The senator's statements are confusing, because if she is referring to a representative of the Jewish minority in the parliament, that person, normally, is not a "foreigner", but a Romanian citizen.

That's why a BURSA reporter asked Diana Şoşoacă (by SMS, to the senator's contact numbers), who is the foreigner from CSAT for whom Vexler pulled the strings to become a member? The answer (also by SMS):

"even himself"

"You didn't know?"

How do we know?

From Radio Yerevan?

I think this "Didn't you know?" it was meant to be sarcastic, but, in reality, no, I didn't know, and I found out later that his sarcasm was a form of bluff, because there was nothing to know.

There are two reasons why I didn't know:

1. On the CSAT website, Silviu Vexler is not displayed as a member (I do not rule out that Sosoacă is telling the truth that Vexler has become a member of CSAT, but, for now, it is not displayed).

2. According to Wikipedia: "Silviu Vexler (b. December 8, 1988, Roman, Neamţ, Romania) is a Romanian deputy of Jewish ethnicity, elected in 2016".

Therefore, Diana Şoşoacă affirmed the lie, when she said that Vexler is a "foreigner", because Vexler is not a "foreigner", but a Romanian citizen, of Jewish origin.

The senator, of course, knows this, because it is unimaginable that, as a Romanian parliamentarian and a law graduate, she would not know Article 16 (3) of the Romanian Constitution: "Public functions and dignities, civil or military, can be occupied, under the conditions the law, by persons who have Romanian citizenship and domicile in the country".

Therefore, when she refers to Silviu Vexler as a "foreigner", Diana Şoşoacă has in mind his Jewish origin, ignoring again the same Article 16 of the Constitution, which, in para. (1), establishes: "Citizens are equal before the law and public authorities, without privileges and without discrimination".

Deliberately ignoring two paragraphs from the same article of the Constitution, Diana Şoşoacă is, in fact, displaying her anti-Semitism, which she does not bother to deny (by the way, the press reports that she shouted "Long live the Guard!" and that "Long live the Guard" was also heard Hamas!").

But this way of concealing anti-Semitism practiced by Şoşoacă becomes ridiculous, when the head of CSAT is a minority, ethnic German Klaus Iohannis.

Probably someone from Diana Şoşoacă's friendly entourage should draw her attention to the irony that not only the head of CSAT is a "foreigner", but even the president of Romania is a "foreigner".

Or we will learn from Radio Erevan that the minority Klaus Iohannis is an ethnic German with Jewish-Khazar origins.

Sosoacă's words: "Didn't you know?"

On the occasion, the unaffiliated deputy Mihai Ioan Lasca states, in a press statement, that "it is unacceptable that just now, when we see the atrocities committed by the Netanyahu regime in the Gaza Strip, the Romanian Parliament considers it necessary to show our friendship and solidarity with Israel!"

This seems a more natural opinion.

Because the anti-Israel opinion disapproves of the policy of the Israeli government, but that does not mean anti-Semitism.

Moreover, for the same reasons cited by our deputy Mihai Ioan Lasca, many Israelis participate in anti-government demonstrations, and it is difficult to be considered "anti-Semitic".

The subject of developments in international public opinion related to the Gaza Strip - Israel war seems to focus everyone's attention, the world is shocked by the cruelty of the repressions practiced by the Israeli army, and the shock is a sign that such atrocities are incomprehensible and inadmissible.

This is the reason why we are hastening today to start the publication of our own, voluminous study, entitled "The Gaza Strip - Israel, another hotbed of depravity", although we have not yet written it to the last episode; I will make sure that each episode is round and does not need a sequel, so that the series can end at any time.

I do not promise that I will be able to complete it, it is a particularly ambitious project; for the same reason, I may not publish the episodes on consecutive days, but one or two days apart.

In the study, I research the sources of this war and propose their meanings.

Today, Episode 1 - "The Help of the World".

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