The capital hosts the International New Music Week

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The capital hosts the International New Music Week

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New music has the opportunity to "express itself", once again, in a major festival. The 33rd edition of the International New Music Week, the most important national festival dedicated to contemporary music organized by the Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania, will take place between May 19 and 26. The event, organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, invites the public to eight days of exciting concerts with the music of our times, relating the inventiveness of composers and the skill of performers passionate about current directions and techniques, and promising memorable experiences. According to the organizers, the program of the edition includes 20 new titles of Romanian instrumental and vocal music, signed by Corneliu Dan Georgescu, Călin Ioachimescu, George Balint, Adrian Iorgulescu, Christian Alexandru Petrescu, Maia Ciobanu, Mihaela Vosganian, Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea, Adina Dumitrescu, Cătălin Creţu and others. During the event, concerts are scheduled by the Academic Radio Orchestras and Chorus, the UNMB Concerto Orchestra, the Profil, Archaeus, Game, devotioModerna ensembles from Bucharest, Couleurs and the Arcadia Quartet from Cluj-Napoca, The Romanian Flute Ensemble from Timisoara, Trio Contrastes from Spain , instrumental recitals, electroacoustic music, a cinema concert, a chamber opera, a musical performance dedicated to Franz Kafka, performances and a musicology symposium. They will be able to be watched at the Radio Hall, in the foyer of the Bucharest National Opera, at ARCUB, at the Studio Hall of the Odeon Theater and in the concert halls of the National University of Music. Dan Dediu, president of UCMR and artistic director of SIMN, said: "We have reached the Christian age with the International New Music Week festival: 33 editions. In the meantime, everything has changed around us: all of us, the context, Romanian society, music "New music" has learned to coexist with "new music". gave a hard blow to new music, but also to the way of looking at it and receiving it. Moreover, the Internet and daily existence have taken over everyday reality. These things cannot but affect - both positively and negatively - any vision In this sense, we propose that, starting with this edition, the International New Music Week festival will reflect even more strongly on the conditions and functions of new music in the contemporary world." The interested public will meet at the 33rd edition of SIMN with events gathered in three structures: new music for voice/voices (arias, lieds, choirs); performances in new formats (experiment, electroacoustic, silent film and live music); commemorations of Mihail Andricu (50 years since his death), Cornel Şăranu - 90 and Liviu Dănceanu - 70.

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