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VIDEOCONFERENCE/ CORNELIU BODEA, ROMANIAN ENERGY CENTER PRESIDENT:"The energy industry, the main engine for economic turnaround chosen by the EU"

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"The energy industry, the main engine for economic turnaround chosen by the EU"

"Investment plans cannot be realized without a legislative framework that grants hope"

"The energy industry needs solidarity, no one should be left behind"

The main engine that the entire European Union has chosen for economic recovery is tightly connected to the energy industry which is extremely significant in Romania's industrial system, said Corneliu Bodea, President of the Romanian Energy Center (Centrul Român al Energiei - CRE).

He said that in the current context, the Green Deal is for our country an even bigger chance after the appearance of the current crisis than it was before.

"We have to quickly admit that we had some areas where we were lagging, we had chapters where we could have done more. This important reset which the current health crisis and the predictable economic crisis will bring is important because it can give us a chance to quickly join what is going to be the main economic recovery engine in the entire European Union.

It is a chance that we need to be ready for, to be informed", Corneliu Bodea explained.

The president of the CRE said, however, that there is a need to realign the legislative and regulatory framework in Romania to the European one and to increase its attractiveness in order to encourage investors.

He said: "Even though we are talking in our outlook 2030 plans of extremely brave investment volumes, they will never happen, even with the help of European grants, as long as the legislative framework doesn't give investors, those who take the risk, confidence. I believe that is the main thing we have to do in the coming period and I have faith that we, the specialists in this industry, will join forces to ensure that maybe some mistakes that have happened in the past do not happen and we will have that legislative framework which will allow the transformation of the energy structure in Romania".

Moreover, the president of the CRE further said that a regulatory framework that offers both quality and stability is needed: "I am referring here to a wide scope framework, in terms of regulation specific to the energy industry, as well as to the fiscal regulatory framework, because let's not forget, the industry we serve is a business and it needs to be profitable.

Still, Corneliu Bodea said that there are positive signs from that point of view concerning certain legislative changes which have the role of facilitating braver and safer actions from investors, but more are needed.

"I am absolutely certain that once that period passes, which is naturally full of turmoil, with two rounds of elections that are extremely important, we sit down with seriousness and courage and continue the realignment of the legislative framework in Romania to the European one and to make it more attractive to give more courage to investors".

He also said that a major problem which Romania will have to resolve is that of the generation of electricity: "Romania needs to overcome this phase of companies based on one type of fuel, a thing which comes from the past and which now proves to be a mistake. That mistake needs to be corrected, the companies have to be helped to diversify in order to progress".

Corneliu Bodea confessed that he is optimistic, although according to forecasts the economic crisis generated by Covid-19 will hit the energy industry hard and it is estimated that it is the third industry affected by this crisis, in terms of volume.

"I am grateful that I live in these times because, in spite of all the difficulties, they provide us unique opportunities, to unite and associate in overcoming these obstacles", Corneliu Bodea further said.

He also said that the energy industry is a chain where each link is important: "The energy industry is a value chain, but also one of resilience. In each link lies the strength of the whole."

Moreover, Corneliu Bodea said that following the analysis concerning the engineering and construction companies in the energy sector and how they are closing the fiscal year, it was seen that the degradation of the financial indicators of the main 20-30 service, product and works services in the energy infrastructure continue.

"Starting from the principle of leaving nobody behind, I call on everyone who operates in the energy sector to show solidarity with this industry", the president of the CRE further said.

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