Who should Gâdea apologize to? And Cioloş?

MAKE (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 9 decembrie 2016

The manager of the much criticized TV network Antena 3, Mihai Gâdea, has staged a vendetta against PM Dacian Cioloş, in the interview which the PM accepted, three nights ago, after the head of the Government had made the following statement in a debate hosted by the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS):

"I am going first of all out of respect for those people, who, for one reason or another, watch that station almost or almost exclusively do so, and who don't get other information aside from the one that the TV network in question broadcasts. I think that those people also have the right to hear my point of view, even if it is more rarely stated, an opinion which if it is expressed on other channels doesn't reach them or does so to a very little extent.

I am an agronomist and I have learned that there are certain plants that grow in the mud. And that you can't do your job properly unless you have the guts to sometimes go down into the mud. Sure, you put on rubber boots, to avoid getting dirty or you take a shower, but you have to accept that as well".

Antena 3 is allegedly manipulative and that is what Cioloş meant when he used the word "mud".

The idea of "mud", however, had been suggested by Gabriel Liiceanu, who had criticized the PM for scheduling his presence at Antena 3:

"I saw the Healthcare minister treated with the most complete lack of respect two nights ago, dragged through the mud. (...) It was absolutely horrible. And that is the place where you're going. For God's sake! You have one of the ministers who has something angelic in his demeanor and who just accepted to sit there and be crucified".

On that same occasion, Antena 3 had further been insulted, because Andreea Pora, a member on the board of Directors of the GDS, banned its reporter from entering the room.

That same evening, face to face with Cioloş, Gâdea was anxious to deal the fatal blow to the PM, as was his duty:

"Have you ever heard of a EU prime-minister calling millions of people, millions of citizens in that country < < slime > >?", Gâdea asked Cioloş, trying to substitute the notion of "slime TV station", as the PM said, to the notion that the latter had actually used that term to describe the Antena 3 viewers.

That was the best attempt to manipulate the debate.

Gâdea thought his line would be the killing blow, because he would emphasize the prime-minister's contempt for the millions of viewers that Antena 3 has.

Cioloş had said precisely the opposite, that he had respect for the citizens that watch Antena 3 and it was precisely for that reason that he had accepted to sink into the slime at Antena3.

He said it twice: "As can be proven by the fact that I am here".

In short, Cioloş has said that he respects the viewers, but he doesn't respect the network, and Gâdea said that if he doesn't respect the network, then he doesn't respect the viewers.

Gâdea repeated his line twice, because he was unable to develop it further.

The fact that the prime-minister kept his cool had a different effect to the one that Gâdea was going for - Cioloş got the chance to become likeable.

If I was him, I would have been unable to keep my patience and I would have called Gâdea a moron.

A headbutt in the mouth a la Zinedine Zidane.

That would have probably given Gâdea some grist to the mill and who knows if he wouldn't have perhaps turned me into a crumpled mess with the help of Adrian Ursu, and thrown me in the waste basket.

But I would have been honest.

Cioloş wasn't honest.

I can afford to be honest, because I am not a politician.

Cioloş claims he isn't a politician either, but a technocrat, but he behaved the way he did in order to win points with the public, by urging people to vote for the PNL and the USR.

All so he can keep his PM seat.

That's the policy of the technocratic prime-minister.


I suspect that Cioloş has only gone into the "mud" at Antena 3, precisely as an electoral campaign gesture.

Cioloş accuses Antena 3 of lying, but he is lying.

Antena 3 accuses Cioloş of lying, but he is lying.

We have witnessed a debate between two liars.

Yesterday, someone who commented on the BURSA website on the report on this confrontation asked Gâdea to apologize to Cioloş.

In my opinion, that exhortation is discriminatory: in fact, both manipulators have to apologize to the citizens.

They are not going to do it, of course.

The Antena 3 ratings allegedly doubled during the interview.

Thus, both Gâdea and Cioloş have reached their goals.


The exclusion of the Antena 3 reporter from the debate organized by GDS is a disgusting act and I'm in absolutely no mood to justify my claim; those philosophers of the GDS can do it themselves once they get rid of their political scoliosis.

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