ANNIVERSARY EDITION - 30 YEARSRomania - 30 years, BURSA - 30 years

(Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
English Section / 24 august 2020

Romania - 30 years, BURSA - 30 years

Romania has a territory, but it is more than just some square kilometers of land.

Romania now celebrates 30 years since the Revolution, but it is a lot more than a number of the days elapsed in that time.

Romania resembles BURSA. BURSA also has some square kilometers of printed papers which could cover up Romania, in fact it could stretch across the Prut river.

Some articles about the Great Unification could fall over Alba Iulia, some about the Revolution could cover up the streets of Timişoara and Bucharest.

You could read Bursa from a helicopter.

On the beach of Constanţa you can find the letters that make up an article about tourism, on Lipscani, the letters of the articles about the Swiss Franc loans, an article about Caritas covers Matei Corvin, in the center of Cluj, an article about FNI is glued to one of the windows of Hanul lui Manuc in the center of Bucharest.

What is written on these square kilometers of paper that BURSA is printed on, happens below, in square kilometers of Romanian territory.

What we are living in Romania, is captured in BURSA using letters, phrases and articles which give us the understanding, and letters elevate our life, just as a hat makes us taller.

Elevated living is the result of meaningful life.

Post-revolutionary Romania and BURSA celebrate 30 years.

Romania can be seen through BURSA.

BURSA is part of Romania.

Let's celebrate these 30 years of overlap.

Many Happy Returns, Romania!

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