MAKE (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 27 aprilie 2016

The liars' fair

Liberals are falling like bowling pins hit by the ball of the Mayoralty of Bucharest- wham!, Cristian Buşoi, wham!, Ludovic Orban, wham!, Marian Munteanu -, and Cătălin Predoiu, the fourth candidate nominated for this bowling match in just a month and a half, is also shaking, under the wind of the abject bile that Cristian Sima, the so-called "runaway broker" is spewing, whose only gesture of dignity is to be featured in the Book of Infamy.

Cătălin Predoiu got scared that his public image would be contaminated by the Gollum bite of Cristian Sima and lied that they weren't close, that he had only said "Hi!" to Sima.

In response, Sima provided to the press videos and photos, where in some, he is holding his hand behind Predoiu's neck, both of them with glasses in hand, and in others, he is sleeping with him, perhaps after getting drunk.

Yesterday, PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu said that she sees nothing wrong with the fact that Predoiu once sat down with Sima at the same table.

Neither do I.

I sat down at the same table with Sima, with his wife and daughter, and that table was in the living room of my house and I saw nothing wrong with that and I still don't see anything wrong with that.

It's not wrong to sit down at a table with something that looks like a human (I am referring to Sima, who is in fact more like a Gollum), but it is wrong to lie that you didn't.

Lying is bad.

Predoiu lied.

I knew he was lying right away, because Sima, as much of a liar as he is, kept on and on about how he was friends with Predoiu and kept giving out plausible enough details (but I am convinced his current stories are full of lies).

The liberal candidate for mayor lied.

The leader of his party, Alina Gorghiu, also lied.

It is obvious that Predoiu's problem wasn't that he was close to Sima, but that Predoiu is now lying.

Gorghiu acts like she doesn't get it and still backs Predoiu for the mayoralty of Bucharest.

If the PNL wins, then we are going to have a lying mayor.

I don't know what flaws the other three have, but this one is a liar and he lies foolishly.

We are left with the PSD.

Gabriela Vrînceanu Firea.

A nice lady, who made unfortunate choices.

Former journalist, working for the braindead, immoral TV channel owned by Dan Voiculescu - to me, that's enough to describe her character, but, in fact, it is not a complete characterization, because on top of that, she is a member of a political party led by an offender - PSD president Liviu Dragnea, who has been sentenced to two years in prison with suspension, for electoral wrondoings.

Gabriela Vrînceanu Firea yesterday expressed her support for the offender Liviu Dragnea, in the war started by executive vice-president Valeriu Zgonea, who asked for the resignation of Dragnea as president of the party, following his conviction.

On the contrary, Firea supported the idea of Zgonea's resignation, even though Zgonea has not yet been convicted in the two cases which the DNA seems to have prepared against him.

In other words, to Firea it doesn't matter who is a proven offender and who is isn't (yet), to her what matters is who currently has the power and this kind of person could be the mayor of Bucharest, if the PSD gets the mayoralty.

But wait, that's not all!

Another notorious liar, Victor Ponta, has picked this precise moment to jolt the PSD, claiming that the party has among its executives an undercover agent of the secret services, which, if it were proven true, would be a horrible illegality, but one to which we are immune, since back in the days of Ceauşescu.

Then, Ponta also said that Lucian Isar is an undercover operative as well, meaning that PNL president Alina Gorghiu is going to give birth to the son of a communist spook, just as the Mayoralty elections are coming.

Alina Gorghiu replied by calling Ponta a pathological case, which regardless of whether Lucian Isar is a spook or not, is true.

But if not the PNL and the PSD, then who are we going to vote for?!

Robert Turcescu, of course!


Well, Robert Turcescu is not pregnant with a spook, unless he is self-replicating.

Of his own free will and without any constraint, he became a proud spook.

About Turcescu, we can't even say that he was a colleague, like we can about Gabriela Vrînceanu Firea, because he was an undercover operative, back when he was practicing the so-called "journalism", for the whole world to see.

I don't know what Traian Băsescu's thinking was, when he nominated him for the PMP party, but it is a dumb strategy and one that shows contempt for the voters.

Turcescu never had to face any lawsuit for violating the confidentiality of his job.

Turcescu says that he has not carried out any order from the services, but he did show us his salary slip, as an undercover operative.

He is lying or he has been paid money unduly.

If the PMP were to win the mayoralty (which sounds like a prank by Băsescu), then we would have in Robert Turcescu a lying or thieving mayor, who would also be an undercover operative.

Are there any others?

I don't see why we would be interested, as long as President Klaus Iohannis isn't thinking about handing in his resignation, after he earned such a pile of money in undue rent from Raiffeisen Bank, for the house in Sibiu, which he didn't have a right of ownership on.

Happy Easter!

Or Happy Labor's Day!

As you like it.

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