Cătălin Drulă: "We are initiating the filing of a censure motion"

English Section / 20 septembrie

Cătălin Drulă: "We are initiating the filing of a censure motion"

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The leader of the USR, Cătălin Drulă, declared, yesterday, that the parliamentarians and members of his political formation will oppose the new tax measures that hit the Romanian economy and that one of the steps will be the submission of a motion of censure, which he is negotiating with all the democratic forces in Parliament, except for those from the AUR.

Cătălin Drulă said: "I took note of the tax increase package proposed by Marcel Ciolacu with the support of the PNL, I emphasize. If we had expected from the PSD, from Marcel Ciolacu such behavior in which he puts his hand in the pocket of the Romanians to feed the party clientele, this would not have been possible without the complicity of the PNL, without the complicity of the Minister of Finance who is from the PNL, Mr. Boloş, a party that forgot to be liberal, which is not right-wing. We will oppose with all our forces this profoundly unjust act that hits the Romanian economy, hits entrepreneurs, the liberal professions, anyone who can in their minds contribute money to the success of the PSD and PNL political clientele, to the payment of special pensions, to the payment sinecures, to the financing of the party clientele".

The president of the USR mentioned that the censure motion could be supported by the UDMR: "I understood from Mr. Kelemen Hunor's statements that they are also considering signing a censure motion; I think that all the democratic forces in the Parliament are needed to send a signal to this anti-Romanian government, anti-Romanian economy, that the Parliament opposes it. I will be very honest, this motion has no chance of passing without the PNL votes, and from the looks of this captured party that is no longer right-wing, it probably won't pass, but this is important in itself, so that the Romanians see that the PNL has betrayed once again in Parliament".

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