Cătălin Predoiu, called to "Government Hour" by USR parliamentarians

English Section / 11 septembrie 2023

Photo source: facebook / Cătălin Predoiu

Photo source: facebook / Cătălin Predoiu

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Cătălin Drulă, the president of USR, announced that the parliamentarians of his political formation are calling Cătălin Predoiu, the Minister of Internal Affairs, to the report, in the Legislature, on the "Government Hour" program.

"PNL destroyed the Romanian Police in 1.404 days. Yes, PNL has been leading the Ministry of the Interior for almost four years. The results? The Romanian police has reached the most pathetic state. A police officer from Braşov was caught with a kilogram of cocaine. On May 2, the police let a drugged young man go to kill. They are just two cases in an endless series that has outraged Romania. That is why USR calls Cătălin Predoiu, the Minister of the Interior, to the Parliament, at Government Time. He can also bring Lucian Bode and Bogdan Despescu with him. Let them all explain how they destroyed the Romanian Police. Let them say why, for almost four years, they forgot about the reform, but were more concerned about special pensions, the privileges of some security guards and buying BMWs from Klaus Iohannis's relatives", said Cătălin Drulă, on the page official Facebook.

The President of USR states that the Romanian Police must be reformed, but the reform cannot be carried by Minister Cătălin Predoiu, Lucian Bode or Bogdan Despescu.

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