Ciucă calls on politicians to regain people's trust

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Photo source: facebook / Nicolae Ionel Ciucă

Photo source: facebook / Nicolae Ionel Ciucă

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Politicians are aware that the cost of unfulfilled promises over the past decades is quite high. Nicolae Ciucă, President of the Senate, states that mistrust in politics "is a constant in every democratic society," and it is the duty of politicians to identify the most suitable ways to communicate with those they represent in order to involve as many people as possible in democratic processes.

According to the President of the PNL (National Liberal Party), "If this struggle is not won, radical movements will continue to spread their toxic ideologies in society, even threatening the existence of democracy, the rule of law, and the respect for human rights." He also added, "We spoke in Dublin, during the first panel of the European Conference of Presidents of Parliaments of Council of Europe member states, about Romania's role in supporting Ukraine. Our country has directly helped the 5.3 million refugees and has initiated projects to adapt transport infrastructure to the needs of Ukrainian grain exports. I emphasized that we will continue to stand by Ukraine in the process of rebuilding the country, a process that must go hand in hand with reforms to strengthen civil rights and freedoms. (...) At the same time, in the second panel of the conference, I pointed out that populism affects democracy and endangers the civil rights of all citizens, highlighting the extent of extremist discourse on the public agenda and the risks of illiberal democracies. Furthermore, I believe that we have an obligation to continually promote the advantages of the democratic process, which guarantees the freedoms and rights of all citizens. The context of the war at the border, the role of national parliaments in the reconstruction of Ukraine, and the challenges to representative democracy in unstable times are subjects of great interest to Romania, as a member of the EU and NATO, which is why we must position ourselves responsibly, in relation to common principles and values."

Ciucă stated that there are times when the lack of predictability increases, and crises overlap: "We are witnessing a worrying trend of regression in democracy in an increasing number of European countries, while the fundamental values and principles of international law and the multilateral system are being questioned." He also discussed the approach to artificial intelligence: "In the context of transformative new technologies, we need to reform our governance system, which comes with great promises and significant progress in various areas but also with immense dangers if not approached correctly (...) the most suitable ways must be found to make these technologies safer for democracy," emphasized the President of the Senate. He stressed the importance of ensuring that more people, especially young people, are involved in democratic processes.

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