Cybersecurity, Quantum Technologies, New National Strategic Areas

English Section / 12 decembrie 2023

Cybersecurity, Quantum Technologies, New National Strategic Areas

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The National Research, Development, and Innovation Plan IV (PNCDI IV) have been supplemented by the government, ensuring funding for priority research programs correlated with Romania's Strategic Research Agenda and addressing the main challenges in society. According to authorities, new national strategic areas of exceptional importance in the current geopolitical context have been defined, such as cybersecurity, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems. Bogdan Gruia, the Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization, stated on this matter: "We have introduced new tools in PNCDI IV to consolidate the foundation of successful innovation: the transfer of research results to the economy and society. Equally, we encourage partnerships between research institutes, universities, and the Romanian private sector, as well as international partnerships through which Romanian research entities can access funds."

Through the Quantum Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Autonomous Systems programs, innovative solutions will be created, applicable in various sectors of the economy and society, by building and consolidating integrated research, development, and innovation systems in these fields. The objectives of these programs include strengthening Romania's response capacity to cybersecurity challenges from the RDI perspective, building an integrated RDI system in the field of quantum technologies, supporting cutting-edge RDI in the field of artificial intelligence, and creating autonomous technologies and solutions with a significant impact in various domains, such as transportation, industry, national security, health, or space technology. According to the ministry: "At the same time, by introducing projects to stimulate the voluntary integration of research organizations, the aim is to reduce the fragmentation of the public research system by encouraging collaboration between key actors in the Romanian research system - universities, institutes of the Romanian Academy, national research and development institutes, and other research organizations) and providing competitive funding to research organizations based on academic achievements." Furthermore, the CDI funding instrument in personalized medicine will address societal challenges in the health field, both through prevention, early detection, treatment to maintain the quality of life, and by improving the quality of medical services through personalized medicine and the development of a patient-centered medical system. The National Research, Development, and Innovation Plan 2022-2027, developed and managed by the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization, is the main instrument for implementing the National Strategy for Research, Innovation, and Smart Specialization 2022-2027.

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