Dacian Cioloş: "We will support a minority government, if PNL breaks with PSD"

George Marinescu
English Section / 25 septembrie

Dacian Cioloş: "We will support a minority government, if PNL breaks with PSD"

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The REPER parliamentarians would support a minority government, if the PNL chooses to break the governing coalition it has with the PSD, declared, at the end of last week, the European deputy Dacian Cioloş, on the official Facebook page. The former prime minister from 2016 states that the current context in which Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu assumes responsibility for the package of tax changes that increases taxation for Romanian companies represents the opportunity for the liberal leaders to take a step aside from the subordination relationship with the PSD.

"There is a text for a censure motion against the tax increases that Marcel Ciolacu wants and an invitation to all the parties in the democratic opposition to jointly initiate this motion", declares Dacian Cioloş who specifies:

"I heard a lot of people from the PNL saying that they know that the measures proposed by the PSD are aimed exactly at people with liberal professions, entrepreneurs, Romanian companies, that the PSD hits exactly at the liberal electorate because it doesn't care if they vote or not. In fact, they would prefer not to vote because that way they would increase their own percentage. So, if it decides to support the PSD Government in Parliament, the PNL could probably dissolve after such a vote. But he also has the chance to sign and vote against Marcel Ciolacu. If they find the courage to vote against the government led by Ciolacu, the liberals can stay in government, even with a liberal prime minister. They just have to support the motion against Ciolacu and reject his socialist measures in favor of the privileged few. Then, we can discuss the rapid formation of a minority government that we can support in Parliament. It's also a direct invitation for USR and Forţa Dreptei, which, after the failed experience of the Cîţu Government, can understand that feeding off the failure of the PNL is exactly what PSD and AUR are doing today, nothing original and beneficial for politics in Romania".

Dacian Cioloş adds that "PNL must decide what it wants in Romanian politics" and that "sooner or later, the liberal leaders will have to face reality and decide if they are really liberal or if they accept the status of a PSD branch".

"Maybe it's an easy life to be dragged by the PSD to the government or in the elections, but I don't think that those who voted at least once in their life with the PNL appreciate being subordinate to Marcel Ciolacu and receiving orders from an office in Kiseleff where Ion Iliescu's painting is still enthroned", says the European deputy who points out that the dissolution of the PNL into the PSD must be avoided, a dissolution that the PNŢCD did not escape.

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