Draft GEO: The status of railway staff and the granting of pensions for mayors, postponed until 2025

English Section / 8 decembrie 2023

Draft GEO: The status of railway staff and the granting of pensions for mayors, postponed until 2025

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The government is preparing an ordinance-train that stipulates that starting from January 1, 2024, the payment of special pensions for mayors will be suspended until January 1, 2025 and that law 195/2020 on the status of railway personnel will enter into force in 2025, the National Trade Union says Sport and Youth based on a document published on the official Facebook page and on the official website of the trade union group.

The draft normative act also provides for a 5% increase compared to the level granted for December 2023 of the gross amount of salaries for civil servants - including allowances for, the elimination of the sponsorship deduction for micro-enterprises and the reduction of certain facilities granted by employers to employees.

Regarding the increase in the income of teaching staff, it seems that the Government has changed its mind and, instead of the 45% increase promised, this summer to union leaders and strikers in Education, from January 1, 2024, salaries will be increased next year by only 20 %, in two stages: from January 1, 2024 with a percentage of 13% compared to the level granted for December 2023, and from August 1, 2024 with a percentage of 7% compared to the level granted for December 2023;

The draft emergency ordinance also provides that, starting from January 1, 2024, the amount of increments, allowances, compensations, premiums and other elements of the salary system that are part, according to the law, of the monthly gross salary, the monthly salary that the paid staff benefits from from public funds is maintained at most at the level of the amount granted for December 2023, to the extent that the personnel occupy the same position and carry out their activity under the same conditions.

Another measure included in this train-carrying ordinance provides that next year additional work in the budget sector and work hours performed on days off or public holidays will no longer be paid, but will be compensated with the corresponding free time.

The executive also wants to suspend vacancies in the budget sector, and where certain positions need to be filled, the procedure will be carried out only after the approval of a special memorandum in this regard in the government meeting.

The draft emergency ordinance also provides for the staggering, for two years, of the payments established by the courts for outstanding salary rights, the capping of life annuities and merit allowances granted to former performance athletes, the reduction of the number of free trips for people who benefit from transport facilities , within the limit of 3 round trips or 6 single trips.

An important passage is the one that refers to the activity carried out by personnel with special status who have attributions for carrying out special activities of an operative or unforeseen nature in the field of public order and safety, in compliance with the state border regime of Romania, in emergency situations, in the personalization, issuance and general record of identity documents and simple passports, in the issuance and record of driver's licenses and registration certificates of road vehicles, as well as by prison police officers, which cannot be compensated with appropriate free time. For this category of personnel, the Government wishes to grant an increase of 75% of the position salary/due/due position salary, the payment of the increase to be made, only if compensation through paid time off is not possible in the next 60 of days after the performance of overtime work.

Another provision states that next year, public institutions and authorities will not grant their staff vouchers, with the exception of nursery vouchers, they will not grant aid or, as the case may be, allowances upon retirement, retirement, termination of employment/service or when going into reserve. These provisions do not apply in the event of termination of employment or service as a result of the employee's death.

Moreover, preschoolers and students in state, private and denominational primary education will no longer receive bee honey as a nutritional supplement next year.

At the same time, the Government wants to postpone to January 1, 2025 the implementation of the scheme for stimulating agricultural producers who sell primary agricultural products, fishery and aquaculture products.

Employers will be able to offer employees subscriptions to the fitness room within the limit of 100 euros, not 400 euros as at present, and parents will be able to receive 1,500 lei/month for daycare from the employer. The amount will be given to one parent and would be tax deductible.

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