Experiment, stadiums return to stands with standing seats

English Section / 24 mai

Experiment, stadiums return to stands with standing seats

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Spinning in a circle has become a fashion in various sectors of activity. The return to some reguli deleted years ago is no longer surprising. The European Football Union (UEFA) has decided to extend and expand its experiment on the return of standing stands for European club competitions, which is being carried out in France, Germany, England, Italy and Spain. In order to obtain "a larger sample and a greater diversity of data", this program is being extended into the 2024/2025 season and extended to Dutch, Portuguese, Belgian, Scottish and Austrian clubs, which already allow standing stands at level national, decided the executive committee of UEFA, meeting in Dublin. "Standing at matches contributes enormously to the atmosphere of matches, is an important element of fan culture across the continent and helps to reduce the costs of these matches," said Ronan Evain, chief executive of Football Supporters Europe (FSE). Gregor Weinreich, the coordinator of the "Europe wants to stand" campaign, pointed out that Bayern Munich fans have been attending Champions League matches standing for two years without any additional risks, hoping that UEFA will eventually revise its regulations. Tribunes with standing seats were banned by UEFA after the tragedies at the Hillsborough (1989) and Furiani (1992) stadiums.