Giant iceberg, climate change is not responsible for all disasters

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Giant iceberg, climate change is not responsible for all disasters

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Climate change is not the cause of all the misfortunes on the planet, there are other causes as well. A large iceberg has broken off from the Brunt Iceberg, in Antarctica, announced the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), a research institute in Great Britain. The 380 square kilometer iceberg broke off this week, weeks after a 14 kilometer crack formed in the ice. The calving event - the scientific term for the separation of ice fragments from a glacier or ice mass - was the third in the region in the last four years. BAS scientists identified instabilities in the region a decade ago, and as a result the British Halley research station was moved 20 kilometers inside the continent in 2016. Halloween Crack, eight years ago, and reduces the total surface of the ice sheet to the smallest size since monitoring began,'' said Oliver Marsh, researcher at BAS. The press release published by BAS states that the event is not related to climate change. At Halley Base, researchers are present from November to March, during the Antarctic summer. The rest of the year, the region is monitored using satellite images.

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