Is it really the National Bank the one that is basically asking us to play practical jokes on each other?

MAKE (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 07 martie 2016

Is it really the National Bank the one that is basically asking us to play practical jokes on each other?

To me it is still unclear who's giving us answers to the official enquiries that we are addressing to the National Bank of Romania, because it is the second answer, within a month, that claims to originate from them, but it is not assumed by anyone, (at least with a forename, if not with a full name - Cornel, or Mirela, or Ionuţ, or Raluca, or again Raluca, , or... anyway, they are so many that their forenames are starting to repeat themselves, even though they are relatively distinct human beings).

But there not a trace of a header or a stamp, to say nothing of any authorized signature, because it is an e-mail.

When we send an enquiry, we sign it.

These people, I don't even know who they are, don't sign; they just write "The Mass-media Department / The Communication Office".

But not only do I have no way to know who these guys are, I don't actually have no way of knowing where they are from - are they from the NBR, or are they not from the NBR? - because the replies we get are coming from an e-mail address that is not on the list of official e-mail addresses posted on the official NBR website.

It's like I'm getting e-mails from an offshore.

I write to the NBR and I essentially receive answers from Cristian Sima, from the Virgin Islands (by the way, my lawsuit against him has reached the appeal stage).

I did get burned once (not as badly as some would have wanted me to, but bad enough for morons to laugh at me), it's enough, I don't want to get burned with the National Bank of Romania as well, regardless of its prestige, because Sima had become an exchange CEO only to then end up claiming he was "a ronin wandering above the Atlantic".

It is the second time when I report on this detail, because, in the article called "Cuneiform script at the NBR", published in BURSA on February 1st I wrote the following, referring to the "Communication Department": "I could understand three working weeks for this reply, if you had consulted with the Legal Department of the NBR.

It doesn't look like you did that.

If you did, then it didn't take you seriously.

Perhaps you've even felt it, because otherwise, I can't explain why no one takes responsibility for that response, with a name and surname, it's just the NBR and the "Communication Department".

Can the NBR itself, or a department of its structure formulate an answer?!

Who answered me, the wall on 8, Doamnei Street, the one on 16, Lipscani Street or the one of number 25?

This "Communication Department" has created the bizarre situation in which I am speaking to a wall.

Metaphorically, as well as literally.

"In other words, Communication".

A phrase which creates a cacophony in Romanian."

And the cacophony is being repeated.

The "Communication" of the NBR has not denied, nor confirmed through anyone's signature that yes, This department of the NBR is the one that is giving us the answers.

The only thing that gets confirmed is that I am speaking to a wall.

So this detail has become an obsession for me.

I also note that the text of the response that purports to be coming from the NBR, is jut a document attached to the one that includes the e-mail address (which I suspect comes from the NBR, but which doesn't figure on the list of official NBR e-mails).

Virgin Islands.

Cristian Sima.

The text of the response mentions no job title, no indication about its author, its source, etc., it is just a bunch of letters.

Sima, essentially.

Did you guys hire Cristian Sima at the NBR?

That would be a mistake.

You should know I have an ongoing lawsuit with him!...

The guy is going to steal from you and then reveal all your secrets.

So once again!

I sign my letters, these guys don't (alright, it's a metaphorical "I").

I ask questions, these guys threaten me.

The first time, they told me that "we think that through this media action (ed. note:- the article "Carabulea has relinquished control of "Carpatica" for 5 million Euros"/ BURSA/ 01.02.2016) there is an attempt to influence the judicial system through the public opinion".

This time, they are repeating the same nonsense: "...given the clarifications formulated by the National Bank of Romania in the opinion expressed on the article published on on January 29th, 2016, and in this case, through this media action, there is an attempt to influence the judicial system through the public opinion".


I have informed the public that "Ilie Carabulea, a shareholder of Banca Comercială Carpatica (BCC), has recently filed a criminal complaint with the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA) against Nicolae Cinteză, the head of the Oversight Division of the National Bank of Romania, against Marin Bogdan Viorel - head of office in the Oversight Division of the NBR, as well as against the executives of Carpatica themselves for abuse in office and complicity to abuse in office, alleging a loss of one million Euros, according to the denunciation, consulted by BURSA".

It was an exclusive news item.

I have asked for the opinion of the NBR on the fact.

And these people, whom I have no way of knowing if they aren't actually Cristian Sima, from the Virgin Islands, told me that I am influencing the judicial system.

Oh no, what am I going to do now?!

I am all aquiver.

I am influencing the legal system, dude!

Will I ever dare to be a journalist again?!

I for one think the answer that claims to be coming from the NBR is an attempt at a practical joke.

I've been good at that since my childhood - in the army I've repeatedly pranked the whole regiment, until I was promoted, because I had run out of targets.

I think even today, after almost half a century, they still speak of the unripe cherries painted red, by dunking them into the bucket filled with "Duco" acetone-based paint. It took me one whole night, climbing up trees. On the next day, the entire regiment was puking their guts out, regardless of their rank.

Now I am wondering: have I been promoted again?

Could I be so lucky that the National Bank of Romania itself is inviting to play practical jokes on one another?

I find it hard to believe.

Just a little longer and cherries will start coming out...

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