Rector of UMFST praises new education law

English Section / 20 septembrie

Photo source: facebook / LAzamfirei

Photo source: facebook / LAzamfirei

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During the opening ceremony of the new academic year, Professor Doctor Leonard Azamfirei, the Rector of the "George Emil Palade" University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences, and Technology (UMFST) in Târgu Mureş, expressed his approval of the recent promulgated education law, stating that it provides more flexibility in the educational process and is a measure to adapt to the needs demanded by the market. According to the rector, "The new higher education law in Romania, which has already come into effect, will bring significant changes to every university. Therefore, in our university, we have already initiated the procedures for selecting new leadership structures - Senate, faculty councils, department councils, as well as individual leadership positions - rector, dean, a process that will conclude in April. But more importantly, this new law creates more flexibility in the educational process, the possibility of creating new study programs, either through collaboration with other universities or through short-term or postgraduate professional training, which ultimately is a measure to adapt to the current needs of the market." Azamfirei also highlighted that the new law has increased university autonomy, including financial and administrative autonomy, allowing universities, if they have the necessary resources, to invest, develop their material base, and create development projects they can anticipate for the coming years. "So, we start the academic year with many concerns, but with the conviction that we will do things properly, thoroughly, for the benefit of the students (...) Today, alongside the university's older students, a record number of freshmen, 3,411 students, are entering the gates of the Târgu Mureş unit," mentioned the rector of UMFST in Târgu Mureş. Of the 3,411 first-year students, 2,376 are in undergraduate programs (including 98 in Bistriţa and 195 in the Hamburg extension), spanning 42 study programs, and 1,035 students are in the first year of the 30 master's programs. The "George Emil Palade" University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences, and Technology in Târgu Mureş has over 12,000 students.

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