Riding the whistle, covered by regulation

Riding the whistle, covered by regulation

Dan Nicolaie
English Section / 18 aprilie

Versiunea în limba română

Dan Nicolaie

Phrases containing the following: football, Romania, Champions League, are still spoken on major European televisions. The game Barcelona - PSG (return) was decided by a referee. That's what the Spanish claim and not only that. Coincidentally, the referee is Romanian: Istvan Kovacs. The game in the quarterfinals of the Champions League proved one thing, the diseases at home also accompany us on the road. It is no longer a secret that some of the domestic "knights of the whistle" suffer from the desire to be in the center of attention and Kovacs is a champion of this. With a rather exaggerated hardness, excessively unapproachable, arrogant beyond the limit allowed for a secondary character (regardless of the match, the footballers are the main actors), Istvan Kovacs manages to come forward more often than the job description would allow. Riding on the whistle, with a shield of cards, covered by the regulation, our referee was dead set on being a star in the match where Mbappe, Lewandovski, Dembele, Donarumma, Raphinia were running on the field and Xavi and Luis Enrique were giving instructions from the sidelines. The refereeing experts claim that he was covered by the regulation on the red cards, that he was right on the penalty (these being the main phases of the match), but that does not cover the strange taste left by Kovacs' desire to come to the fore, at any cost. His performance offered a set of excuses to those from Barcelona, clearly surpassed by PSG at home. In fact, the TV broadcast started with an image in which the center is having a heated discussion with a player in the tunnel that connects the changing rooms to the field. A little measure wouldn't hurt, including for your own careers, even if it's hard to know that around you there are several tens of thousands of people who paid hard money to see a game, but none of them did it with you in mind, the man who dispenses justice. On stage, in the arena and in life, the secondary roles have their purpose, the important thing is to know how to interpret them. There are policemen who whistle at an intersection until they block traffic and policemen who, discreetly, contribute to smoothing the traffic and reducing the amount of nerves at the wheel. I confess, anytime I would go around the cross in the middle of which Kovacs is sitting with the whistle in his hand.

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