ROMANIA-RUSSIA Ionel Blănculescu: Targeting exports towards the countries in the Persian Gulf and Russia is a priority

Viviani Mirică (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 10 aprilie 2012

Ionel Blănculescu: Targeting exports towards the countries in the Persian Gulf and Russia is a priority

It is a priority for Romania to export to countries such as those of the Persian Gulf and Russia, economic analyst Ionel Blănculescu said, who considers that we should focus our exports on other areas besides the European Union: "Countries in the Persian Gulf area, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, countries which have been friends to Romania for a long time, have sympathy for our country, and I have personally met, during business meetings, ministers and other people with responsibilities in those countries, former students of our universities, who are inviting the Romanian state to strengthen the business ties with the area in question. I remember that in a meeting about the oil sector, my interlocutors from Qatar were telling me that the Oil and Gas Institute of Ploieşti is considered as the Harvard of oil in the Middle East".

Mr. Blănculescu said that he had the opportunity to go to Moscow where he found that Russian entrepreneurs are "true businesspeople, of international caliber", schooled in the best Western business universities.

"I have an excellent relationship with the Russian business environment, where I am providing consulting to a local company. I regularly attend the events of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest and of the Russian business sector in Romania. The Russians are present on the Romanian market, they own plants, they have big businesses. They are present in the mineral resources and metallurgic industry.

The Romanian economic environment needs to be encouraged to develop its relationships with Russian entrepreneurs", the analyst says.

Ionel Blănculescu reminds of the interest expressed by the head of the German diplomacy, Guido Westerwelle, towards developing the relationships with Russia. As soon as Vladimir Putin won a new term as president, Guido Westerwelle announced that Germany wants to strengthen the "strategic partnership" with Russia: "Russia is and remains a partner of major importance for Germany and Europe. That is why we want to continue and advance the strategic partnership with Russia".

Ionel Blănculescu also says that developing the relationships with Russia would not mean stopping the cooperation with the EU: "It would not mean stopping the exports to the sophisticated and demanding market of the European Union, from which we only make enough to avoid a collapse, and nothing more". The analyst concludes that Romania's economy can restart its engines, by strengthening its relations with Russia, which can become a market for products such as furniture, cars, agricultural and industrial equipment, alcoholic beverages, chemical products, fertilizers. However, he also feels that the two countries can develop relations on the heavy industry and oil industry, and he went on to say: "I think the time has come for Romania to stop being a captive of the economic environment of the European Union, further reinforcing the statements made by prime-minister Ungureanu, concerning the need to refocus exports to other areas besides the EU and, furthermore, to encourage Romanian companies to enter those areas, to be able to repatriate profits to Romania. For now, we are just witnessing the export of profits from Romania to other areas. Perhaps we will succeed, aside from this ongoing outflow for over 22 years, to also achieve a financial inflow, to Romania, which would increase the revenues of the state budget and the level of investments in Romania".

Mr. Blănculescu concludes that if Romania were accepted on such a huge market, it would amount to a new economic age for Romania.