ROMANIA-RUSSIA Mircea Vescan: There is a need for the normalization of the Romanian-Russian relations

ADINA ARDELEANU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 4 aprilie 2012

Mircea Vescan: There is a need for the normalization of the Romanian-Russian relations

Interview with Mircea Vescan, the general head of Armax Gaz

Reporter: Last year, you told us that Armax Gaz is working hard to enter the Russian market. Have you progressed in this approach?

Mircea Vescan: We have seen significant progress in our penetration of the Russian market, important steps have been made towards contacting and developing relationships with decision makers.

However, so far, these activities have not resulted in firm contracts for the company.

Reporter: Have there been any changes which would favor Romania's position on the Russian market? What are the hurdles?

Mircea Vescan: Unfortunately, no. The diplomatic and economic officials of Romania's government either lack the skill or simply the interest to do so, because from a commercial point of view, the relations between the two countries are almost completely frozen. The weak commercial activity which Romania currently has with the Russian Federation and the countries in the former Russian Federation and COMECON area is simply inexplicable.

We need people and decisions which would reinvigorate the Romanian economy and the energy system.

Reporter: Do you feel that the development of the relationships with Russia would be beneficial for Romania?

Mircea Vescan:

There is a need for the normalization of the relations which Romania has with the Russian Federation, more specifically to bring them back to the status and positive level which they once had. Furthermore, their expansion could mean a decisive step towards exiting the crisis.

Reporter: What areas could be of interest to Russian investors in Romania?

Mircea Vescan: First of all, the energy sector, followed by the light industry, for instance furniture production, but also services in tourism and agriculture.

Reporter: What could Romanian businesses export to Russia?

Mircea Vescan: The Russian market is a giant, and therefore, its needs are too.

Romanian manufacturers could successfully export equipment and services for the energy industry, especially for the oil and gas sector, services in the IT, furniture, clothing, wines and other agricultural products.

Reporter: Thank you!

"Armax Gaz" is Romania's leader in the manufacture of machinery and equipment intended for the natural gas and oil industry. The company is fully privately owned, with a tradition of over 85 years in the sector of treating, regulating and metering of natural gas. A full-service provider, "Armax Gaz" develops turn-key projects for the natural gas industry by offering design, execution, installation, commissioning and maintenance, tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

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