Russia claims to have eliminated 349 Romanian mercenaries on the front in Ukraine

English Section / 18 martie

Russia claims to have eliminated 349 Romanian mercenaries on the front in Ukraine

Versiunea în limba română

The armed forces of the Russian Federation have so far killed 349 Romanian mercenaries on the Ukrainian front, out of the 784 who would have joined the Ukrainian troops, according to a message posted on the official Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest. According to the cited source, over 13,000 foreign mercenaries are fighting alongside the Ukrainians against the Russian army.

The cited source states: "The Ministry of Defense of Russia continues to track and personally register all foreign mercenaries who have arrived in Ukraine to participate in combat operations. As of February 24, 2022, the total number of foreign mercenaries who have arrived in Ukraine is 13,387 people. At the same time, the elimination of 5,962 foreign mercenaries has been confirmed so far".

According to the data presented, our country would be in sixth place in terms of the number of volunteers fighting in Ukraine. At the top of the list is Poland, with 2,960 volunteers who went to Ukraine, of which 1,497 were eliminated. The second place would be occupied by the USA - with 1,113 soldiers arrived, of which 491 were killed, followed by Georgia with 1,042 fighters, of which 561 were eliminated and Canada with 1,005 fighters, 422 killed. In front of Romania is Great Britain, with 822 fighters, of which 360 were eliminated. Volunteer soldiers from Germany and France who are in Ukraine are lower in number than those in our country. Russia says there are only 235 German and 356 French mercenaries in Ukraine.

Regarding the Romanian mercenaries, sources from the Ministry of National Defense told us that there is no evidence in this regard at the level of the authorities in our country, because every Romanian citizen is free to make whatever decision he wants and that Romania is not involved with troops in Ukraine, nor do they intend to do so.