Russia Tried to Condemn Israel at UN, Pro-Palestinian Leaders Express Anti-Jewish Support

English Section / 5 aprilie

Photo source: facebook / United Nations

Photo source: facebook / United Nations

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The Biden administration insists it had no advance knowledge of the airstrike on the Iranian consulate.

The United States, Britain and France on Wednesday opposed a UN Security Council statement drafted by Russia that would have condemned the attack on Iran's embassy compound in Syria.

The three countries said much of Monday's events in Damascus remained unclear, while Israel has yet to claim responsibility for the attack.

On the same day, at the virtual "Al-Quds Pulpit" ceremony, held simultaneously in Tehran, Damascus, Sana'a, Beirut and Baghdad, the pro-Palestinians expressed their support against Israel:

1. Ebraham Raisi (President of Iran): Said that Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was a turning point in the history of the Palestinian cause and that this operation would change the region and the world as a whole.

2. Hassan Nasrallah (Secretary General of Hezbollah) : Said that Operation Al-Aqsa Storm shook the foundations of the Zionist regime and brought it to the brink of extinction, also affecting the Israeli project in Palestine.

3. Akram al-Kaabi (Secretary General of the Al-Nujaba Movement in Iraq) : Stressed that the resistance in Iraq is an essential element of the Axis of Resistance and highlighted successes in attacking Israeli bases in the occupied Golan Heights and other key locations.

4. Abdul-Malik al-Houthi (Leader of Yemen's Ansarullah movement) : Reaffirmed Yemen's commitment to strengthening its military capabilities to support the Palestinian cause and condemned US complicity in Israel's crimes against Palestinians.

5. Ismail Haniyeh (Political Leader of Hamas) : He stressed that the Palestinian resistance remains steadfast on all fronts and hailed the nation's efforts in support of Gaza, as well as the unity of the Palestinians in the face of Israeli aggression.

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