South Korean battery makers are reducing production and are authorized by the US

Calin Rechea
English Section / 20 noiembrie

South Korean battery makers are reducing production and are authorized by the US

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Calin Rechea

The significant tempering of the transition to electric cars (AE) is forcing manufacturers and southerners in the United States to review their goals and reduce staff, as the financial publication Nikkei Asia writes.

LG Energy Solution, a global battery maker, has cut production capacity by 14% in Holland, Michigan, with 1.2 billion customers.

"I regret to admit that the factory in Holland failed to deliver the goods for your car manufacturer AE", this is a communication from my company.

Our South Korean company, SK On, has announced a reduction in battery production by its Georgian company manufacturer, such as "production cutbacks in the AE industry", according to Nikkei Asia.

Lee Hang-koo, president of the Jeonbuk Institute of Automotive Convergence Technology (JIAT), said that the Japanese temperament is a special characteristic of a US car, a consumer preference for a car vehicle, which is already at the origin of the number. . pond

According to Cox Automotive data, the US share of AE has an annual growth rate of 49.8% in Q3 2023, if less than 300 million units.

The tempering of sales was significantly influenced by the maintenance of a particularly high level of AE prices, amid the massive increase in financing costs.

For this issue, please refer to LG Energy Solution if SK Pe stated that it "has a bright light in the general electric vehicle industry".

Battery charging infrastructure issues are among the biggest problems, especially for long-distance driving countries like the US and Canada.

"State the Unite plans to build a 60-kilometer mileage that provides federal subsidies to reduce inflation, but there could be many reasons for this," Lee Hang-koo said in Nikkei Asia.

However, the food supply must be safe, but many consumers can follow AE, but it is sufficient in number, but the food supply is reliable at the time of delivery.

That was the question of a recent analysis in a Wall Street Journal article. The author has reached a number of fast-moving stations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, but there may be a density of stations in the US that includes Tesla stations.

At 30% of the cost, 120% of the installation time is installed, 40% of the price is three times the problem: the delivery point is not functional, it is possible to save the card on the number of safe and stable legs.ii of car and charging station. The route was parcours in a Rivian R1T electric car.

Almost a third of the 126 charging points were non-functional, due to permanent monitoring by maintenance companies. The solution proposed by the authors was to replace the old stations with new generation ones, but this involves even more significant operating costs.

There is a problem with the power supply that seems to be around 10% of the current state, so this problem must be connected to the source through the standard socket number.

The car service allows for quick care as well as a test car in use according to the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard, which is why Tesla uses the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

WSJ writes that Tesla is not the case, it will be allowed if it is included because of AE, before Rivian, Ford and GM, it will help reduce the number of people connected to it, and then it will be the only way to go. use some adapt CSS to NACS.

The outlook is based on optimism, in conditions and in the concern "director of the company's credit that Tesla has a problem with several different models of electric vehicles", as the WSJ also points out, and a Tesla spokesman declined to comment.

This is a "challenging" sign, this can be a problem when it comes to the scalability of the food supply and its condition quickly increases to the number of AEs, it is a special food supply that faces a large amount of energy. of transcription This is Net Zero objective.

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