The Alliance of Chronic Patients shows the prime minister's face

English Section / 15 februarie

The Alliance of Chronic Patients shows the prime minister's face

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The statements of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, related to medical leaves, managed to produce waves, mostly of indignation. "A sneeze can make all the people within a two-meter radius sick," the Alliance of Chronic Patients from Romania tells Marcel Ciolacu. Viorel Alexandrescu, from the National Influenza Reference Center, said: "Sneezing is the reflex to eliminate secretions resulting from viral infections. Large drops can have a diameter of five microns, and fall at a distance of one to two meters, and the nuclei of drops, which have a diameter of less than three microns, can float in the air even for an hour or two".

Certain categories of chronic patients such as oncological patients, patients with autoimmune diseases, transplant patients, due to the fact that they use immunosuppressive medication, but also patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiencies because they have a weakened immune system, are at risk of aggravation of the disease or even death if they enter in contact with people suffering from viral respiratory diseases such as the virus, flu or COVID. According to the alliance: "It is important during this period, if we show signs of flu, COVID or even a common cold, to wear a mask and if possible to stay at home. In this way, we recover faster after an episode of the virus, but we also protect people who have immunity problems. A healthy working environment means healthy employees! A person with a cold, coming to work, can make all colleagues sick, affecting the entire activity of the company. It is useful to mention, medical leaves up to 5 days are borne directly by employers without being settled by the National Health Insurance House according to GEO 158/2005, thus most medical leaves for viral respiratory diseases do not affect the social health insurance budget .We ask the Government and the Ministry of Health to carry out information campaigns that explain why we need to isolate ourselves at home when we are diagnosed with communicable diseases such as colds, flu, COVID. Prevention is the most important weapon against diseases. In the case of viral respiratory diseases, isolation at home, distancing measures and wearing a protective mask can help limit the spread of these diseases and protect family, colleagues, friends".

The granting of medical leaves fraudulently cannot be controlled by the contribution to social health insurance of 10% for medical leaves, but by the proper exercise of the duties of the service by the competent bodies, adds the Alliance of Chronic Patients.

The President of the Bucharest-Ilfov Association of Family Physicians, Sandra Alexiu, sent an ironic message to Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, who was dissatisfied with the large number of media leaves granted for "backaches" and "colds". The doctor says that any febrile syndrome could also be excluded from the emergency list, because "it is scientifically proven that repeated movements release energy and any employee with chills is an ecological source": "I understand that Mr. Prime Minister will amend all the legislation with regarding medical leaves and the definition and codification of emergencies, so that those with HDL crises with radicular syndrome (popularly known as "back pain") or, God forbid, with the flu, no longer take leaves. I very seriously recommend that they exclude from the list of medical-surgical emergencies any febrile syndrome, because it is scientifically proven that repeated movements release energy and any employee with chills is an ecological source". She also added: "We also fit in with green energy and we can also save money on medical leaves. This way we will finally be able to give medical leave to healthy people, even 14 days, so, as in the pandemic, that they do not release anything".

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