THE DISNEYLAND OF FISCAL PROPAGANDABecause he is no longer capable of making presidents, Adrian Sârbu has to pay his taxes

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 11 iunie 2014

Ioana Petrescu, at Disneyland

Ioana Petrescu, at Disneyland

Adrian Sârbu's line is great: "Victor Ponta is not the first nor the last Romanian politician that mistakes the media for the Disneyland of propaganda once they have gained power ".

Good one!

Ha, ha!

But, Adrian Sârbu, himself, is not the first nor the last media boss who mistakes his industry for the "Disneyland of propaganda", starting with the huge propagandistic achievement celebrated on PRO TV, in November 1996, as Emil Constantinescu was elected president and continuing with the smearing of Corneliu Vadim Tudor, between the first and the second round of the presidential elections, won by Ion Iliescu, in December 2000, which he did in order to demonstrate his usefulness to the political power in office at the time.

The mistake made by Adrian Sârbu is common to all media bosses and politicians.

Even though Victor Ponta is well known as a liar, I wouldn't say he was lying this time, when he says that Adrian Sârbu promised him he would make him president, because even if this talk did not take place, it is extremely likely.

Besides, Adrian Sârbu would not be the first media person who thinks he has the ability to make or break presidents or prime ministers - Cristian Tudor Popescu claims the same.

I suspect that they should reach an agreement, before the elections, or else we will end up with two presidents.

I wonder what the one who makes presidents gets in return?

Perhaps Victor Ponta would like it if he became president.

So then why would he turn down Adrian Sârbu, and tell him to pay his taxes instead?!

Because he is a social-democrat who has principles?

Let's be serious!

It's precisely the social-democrats of 2002 who gave PRO TV, which was managed by Adrian Sârbu at the time, a government aid of 276 billion lei, "for the development of culture" (and by that meaning, of course, gipsy music, South-American soap operas and junk shows).


I think that, if the talk reported by the prime-minister did take place, then Victor Ponta would not did not turn down Adrian Sârbu, if Adrian Sârbu were actually still capable of making presidents.

But, since Adrian Sârbu has been removed from PRO TV, Victor Ponta no longer gives a damn about his media influence.

And thus, he turns into a social-democrat with principles, asking him to pay his taxes.


I've found out what the people who make presidents get: tax forgiveness.

Exemptions, tax records disappearing, wiping of debts, endless reschedulings.

God, how could I not realize that!

So, if that conversation did take place, then it must have went like this:

- I will make you president, and you cancel my debts.

- Keep dreaming, you can't appoint presidents anymore, so pay your taxes!

But the indubitable issue, in all this topic, is that of the huge debts that the media companies of Adrian Sârbu have racked up.

That the mass-media owned by the "moguls" is a Disneyland of propaganda is nothing new; on the other hand, it is new that a minister of Finance - namely, Ioana Petrescu - would participate in the conference held by the media of Adrian Sârbu, on the topic of tax evasion and the reinforcement of fiscal discipline.

Naturally, the prime minister would know from his minister of finance about the unpaid taxes of the companies owned by Adrian Sârbu.

What kind of a conference was this recent one organized by the media companies of Adrian Sârbu, where finance minister Ioana Petrescu argued in favor of fiscal discipline?!

Never mention rope in the house of a man who hanged himself.

Or, paraphrasing Adrian Sârbu, a Disneyland of fiscal propaganda.

Adrian Sârbu has not yet realized that the "PRO generation" has faded away.

Victor Ponta and Adrian Sârbu taking jabs at each other

Prime minister Victor Ponta and Adrian Sârbu, former CEO of CME, the parent company of Pro TV, currently owner of Mediafax Group, this week duked it out via statements that are unusual for the domestic political stage, when considering that the issue of tax arrears of the media used to be hush-hush.

"Adrian Sârbu asked me whether I want him to make me president, and I told him to pay his taxes first", prime minister Victor Ponta said on Monday night on România TV. "I have a little disagreement with Adrian Sârbu. He said he was the one who made all the previous presidents and asked me whether I wanted him to do the same for me. And I told him < No, thanks > and that he should pay his taxes first, and since then our relations have been very cold. I made him a very democratic request: to pay his taxes and then we are going to become friends. And since then we've been a bit < froid >".

Adrian Sârbu yesterday reacted quickly, saying that he met several times with Victor Ponta, but the statements of the prime-minister about a conversation they had were "pure fantasy".

Adrian Sârbu said, quoted by Mediafax: "I've met with Mr. Ponta, and not at my request. His statement in the interview he gave România TV is purely a personal fantasy. His political career has not been and is not the object of my activities. I don't have disagreements and nothing to trade with Victor Ponta or with his camarilla, who are annoyed to the point of obsession with the existence of Gândul and Mediafax. Victor Ponta is not the first nor the last Romanian politician who, once in power, mistakes the media for the Disneyland of propaganda".

The prime-minister's statements are accurate, as it is well known that the companies owned by Adrian Sârbu aren't paying their taxes, and some of them are in foreclosure - Alerria Management Company or Mediafax SA -, and Publimedia, which is insolvent, had the General Department of Public Finances as its main creditor on November 27th, 11, 2013, with a receivable of 22.57 million lei.

In autumn last year, Sebastian Ghiţă, the owner of România TV said in an interview: " The media moguls, as we knew them, are disappearing. Voiculescu, Vîntu, Patriciu have had their day. Their idea to build media trusts that would dominate society, politics and the economy has proven unsustainable in the long run. (...) In the media area, things are becoming more balanced. Adrian Sârbu has lost the support of CME for the Mediafax group, and Dan Voiculescu has to hand over the control to his daughter, Camelia. Dinu Patriciu and Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu are already out". He recently said that he has talked to Adrian Sârbu who would like to sell Mediafax, but he has not expressed his intention to buy because he is convinced that Sârbu would be asking for a high price.

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