The Minister of Education Advocates for Continental University Cooperation

English Section / 2 octombrie

Photo source: facebook / Ligia Deca

Photo source: facebook / Ligia Deca

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Xenophobia, isolation, and intolerance can only be combated through dialogue and cooperation at all levels. University cooperation in Europe plays an essential role in preserving the values that underpin the European community, according to the Minister of Education, Ligia Deca. According to the minister, in an interconnected world, internationalization of the higher education system remains imperative, without which the quality of the university experience would be greatly reduced. She stated, "Our country participates in programs with an impact on the internationalization of higher education, promoted at the European and global levels. Erasmus+ and the Alliances of European Universities are relevant examples of cooperation between transnational and transdisciplinary teams, through student, teacher, and researcher mobility. Through the new Higher Education Law, we have created the context for supporting Romanian universities by providing funding for initiatives aimed at internationalization, the development of the 'Study in Romania' program, and the legal framework for partnerships with European and international universities." Deca also emphasized that in a world marked by global challenges, university cooperation and building bridges between professors, researchers, and students are essential to counter isolationist tendencies or discourses based on xenophobia and intolerance. She stated, "In Europe, university cooperation plays an essential role in preserving the values that underpin the European space. I am very proud of the participation of Romanian universities in the most important conference on the internationalization of education in Europe, which brought together no fewer than 6,000 participants. With the support of the Ministry of Education, ANPCDEFP, UEFISCDI, and the National Council of Rectors, 32 universities from Romania were present under the well-known brand 'Study in Romania now.' Additionally, I discussed with representatives from Ukraine, who thanked Romania for the support provided to young Ukrainians since the beginning of the war in Ukraine." The Minister of Education participated in the debate "Politics and policies of internationalization: Ministers' views" at the educational conference organized in Rotterdam by the European Association for International Education (EAIE), which focused on the internationalization of higher education.