USR has set its list of candidates for the European Parliament elections

English Section / 18 septembrie

Photo source: facebook / europeanparliament

Photo source: facebook / europeanparliament

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The fever of electoral campaigns has swept through several parties in early autumn, especially as the elections are approaching. Elena Lasconi, Dan Barna, Vlad Voiculescu, and Vlad Botoş top the list of USR candidates for the European Parliament elections in June 2024, as decided by the USR leadership, which also emphasizes its commitment to continue building a right-wing coalition that will gather reformist forces as an alternative to the corruption of PSD-PNL and the extremism of AUR. The joint list for the European Parliament elections of the right-wing coalition will be finalized after negotiations with PMP and Forţa Dreptei (The Right Force). The electoral process decided by the National Bureau only pertains to USR candidates. According to the party: "The USR National Bureau decided on Friday, at the proposal of President Cătălin Drulă, that the party's list of candidates for the European elections be led by Elena Lasconi, Dan Barna, Vlad Voiculescu, and Vlad Botoş. Elena Lasconi is the mayor of Câmpulung and has managed to develop the city with the help of European funds in just three years - over 400 million lei, which is equivalent to the city's budget for 40 years. Dan Barna is the Vice President of ALDE Europe and a former Deputy Prime Minister who made a substantial contribution to the elaboration of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Vlad Voiculescu is a former Minister of Health, the author of the Health section of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, and has a long history of activism at the European level in defense of patients' rights. Vlad Botoş is one of the most influential and active Romanian MEPs. He oversees the absorption of European funds as Vice President of the Regional Development Committee (REG), one of the most important committees in the European Parliament."

"USR will send experienced individuals in administration, European funds, foreign policy, and negotiation to Brussels. And the right-wing coalition around USR will propose a joint list of candidates to represent them honorably," said USR President Cătălin Drulă. The complete list of USR candidates (43 in total) for the European elections will be determined through an internal electoral process by the party members. The National Bureau has established the schedule for the internal elections, and the final list will be officially launched at the Council of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE Europe), which will take place for the first time in Bucharest on October 20.

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