Election campaign "corrector" for priests

Election campaign "corrector" for priests

O.D.English Section / 12 martie

Election campaigns manage to upset the political world, but the effects are felt in all layers of society. BOR servants are no exception. The leadership of the Romanian Orthodox Church approved a "Correcting" which refers to the attitude...

Politica paşilor mici

OPINIIPolitica paşilor mici

George MarinescuZiarul BURSA #Politică / 23 februarie

Comasarea alegerilor locale cu cele europarlamentare anunţată cu mare pompă de liderii coaliţiei de guvernare PSD-PNL, Marcel Ciolacu şi Nicolae Ciucă, nu reprezintă altceva decât un nou model de politică a paşilor mici sau un fel de aşa nu.

The politics of small steps

OPINIONSThe politics of small steps

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 23 februarie

The merging of local elections with European parliamentary elections announced with great fanfare by the leaders of the PSD-PNL governing coalition, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă, represents nothing more than a new policy model of small steps...

"Who Shares, Takes His Share"

"Who Shares, Takes His Share"

Radu SovianiEnglish Section / 24 noiembrie 2023

Radu Soviani

Radu Soviani: Mr. Farmache, now, more than 30 years since the start of the mass privatization program, I ask you what were the thoughts behind initiating this program and what were the most interesting elements in its evolution over the...

Reality is stronger than "magical thinking"

Reality is stronger than "magical thinking"

Călin RecheaEnglish Section / 20 noiembrie 2023

The narrative thread of Ukraine's resistance to Russia in the Western media, especially the one regarding the real chances of the counter-offensive to open the way to Crimea, has broken badly in recent weeks.

Photo source: facebook / Nicolae Ciucă

The presidential baton from General Ciucă's wound

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 6 noiembrie 2023

Nicolae Ciucă, the president of the National Liberal Party, told his colleagues from the National Political Bureau, which met at the end of last week, for two days, in Sinaia, that he wants to run for the position of president of the country in...

Ciolacu, taken to a lesson by USR senators

Ciolacu, taken to a lesson by USR senators

G.M.English Section / 6 noiembrie 2023

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu is expected today in the Senate plenary to provide explanations regarding the new fiscal measures. The initiative was initiated by USR senators on October 23 and, according to the schedule, the head of the Government...

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