CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE U.K.Capitalism in the Climate change era . Is the party over for developed economies?

Ian Deacon
English Section #Energie / 4 noiembrie 2021

Ian Deacon

Many of the movements currently occurring in the U.S.A. , U.K. and Europe which we see through street protests and takeover of the media including Climate Change fanatics have a hidden agenda , the destruction of capitalism and its replacement by a Marxist system. This is particularly present in the U.S.A. with the new administration and the rise in influence of the marxist Bernie Saunders and his supporters the vice president Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez , idiots all. Biden is too weak and senile to manage such matters. These "activists" who are gaining territory each day with the professors in universities and by the vulnerable minds of the young. They do not want to listen to any point of view which does not agree with their own or enter into any discourse and frequently cancel speakers and lecturers who do not strictly agree with them , this is the case in universities where professors are forced to leave their jobs after many years of service .

Greta Thunberg claims that the U.K. is the principal criminal in the climate problem. The industrial revolution started here. Children like her want us to renounce annual growth In our economies and go into reverse , use bycicles and stop flying whatever the economic cost and spend all our money whatever the tax we have to pay to and poverty we have to suffer.

None of these supporters of a new Marxist world have ever lived under a communist system never had to wait hours in minus 20 degrees for milk , never had to walk 11 floors because the lift ,in the government owned block , does not work and never had to wait 12 hours to have petrol for their car which took 5 years to be delivered.

They use the cover of movements such as Black Lives Matter , Wokeism and Gender to promote their hard left ambitions. Climate change is in the forefront of this movement.

They think that in some way that they cannot explain that capitalism is the cause , and never the answer to climate change. They believe that only governments via planned spending of huge sums of money -the planned economy- can solve all problems and they want to nationalise all means of production, energy and transport etc.

Their view is that the things we like are bad for the planet and therefore we should change our behaviour. Do not buy large SUV cars, do not go on cruises or long flights. The view is that people will not renounce what they desire so every aspect of life must be controlled by the government to achieve climate change and their woke utopia.

So, have as much fun as you can as quick as you can because the next generation want to enter a Marxist and economic ruin to save the planet for an authoritarian world .

India and China's refusal to break the their economies's coal dependency overshadows Cop26 meeting

The refusal of India and China to wean their economies off their reliance on coal is casting a huge shadow over the Cop26 climate change conference in Glasgow.


The cracks are already appearing in COP26. Despite the fact that Narendra Modi of India actually turned up it was to inform the other world leaders that coal accounts for 70% of the India's production and power generation and that, even if he achieves his target of 500 gigawatts of solar and other renewable capacity by 2030 India will still be 50 per cent dependant on coal. Shortly before the Cop 26 meeting Modi decided to increase coal production to 1 billion tonnes to help alleviate coal shortages; 55 new coal mines are intended and there are expansion plans for 193 collieries. Modi says it is for rich countries to go to "net negative" -that is to absorb more carbon than they emit, and he said that India would not meet net zero until 2070.


Mr Xi the President of China will still construct new coal mines in China and coal will be a large part of the energy mix until at least 2060. Coal is the essence of communist power in the north of the country and the key to continued rapid industrialisation and growth plans.

This is the nature of the Mexican standoff between climate activists who decry the rush for growth, dirty or not, in emerging economies and the poorer economies who feel that the western powers want to stop their growth.