Croatian demining systems on the Ukrainian front

George Marinescu
English Section / 23 mai

Croatian demining systems on the Ukrainian front

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One of the exhibitors at BSDA 2024 is the Croatian company DOK-ING which specializes in the manufacture of demining systems. In the exhibition, visitors can admire the MV10 system, intended for anti-tank demining, a system that weighs almost 21 tons, is operated remotely and has an autonomy of 1.5 kilometers, equipment that is used on the front in Ukraine.

Regarding these aspects, Dino Isasegi, sales manager at the DOK-ING Croatia company, told the BURSA newspaper: "Our company is a world leader in the market segment of products intended to save human lives in difficult conditions. Most of our products are intended for anti-tank and anti-personnel demining activities, but we also offer products that can be used in emergency situations and to combat terrorist attacks. The product we brought to BSDA 2024 is a robotic anti-tank demining system and is capable of detonating loads ranging from 10 to 50 kilograms of explosives without being damaged. The system is controlled remotely, by means of a remote control, by an operator, either from the ground or from the air - by means of a drone -, even in difficult conditions. We operate with this system in all countries of the world where demining activities take place, to protect human lives. We have so far sent 32 anti-tank mine systems to Ukraine, and by the end of the year we will have 47 such systems there, to which 19 anti-personnel mine systems will be added. The 32 systems in Ukraine have so far demined an area of 7 million square meters (ed. - 700 hectares), but our goal is to reach a total of 13 million square meters by the end of this year. These systems are used not only in Ukraine, but also in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, which also have problems with mined lands. The autonomy of such a system is 1.5 kilometers, at minimum operating level".

Valentin Simion, representative of DOK-ING in Romania, added: "We are talking about a machine that protects people's lives, a high-technology product, which is made up of high-quality materials, such as for example hard-ox - Swedish steel used in armor. The MV10 is operated remotely by an operator via a remote control, has a tracking system with eight cameras, one of which has a night-vision system. If the MV10 is for anti-tank demining, the MV4 is a product intended for anti-personnel demining, but it also withstands anti-tank mine explosions without suffering serious damage. The US Army has 140 MV4 systems, which have a 275 horsepower engine, as opposed to the MV10 which has a 766 horsepower engine. And the MV4 autonomous robotic system is operated remotely, like the MV10. The MV4 is a multiroll system, that is, it can demine, it can do genius constructions, it can demine roads and it can be used as a logistics system by equipping it with a front loader, a portlift, or for detonating some aviation bombs".

According to the technical data, the MV10 is 8 meters long, almost 3 meters wide, 2.33 meters high and weighs 20.9 tons. The system is equipped with a Caterpillar C18 engine of 766 horsepower, has a fuel consumption of between 25 and 50 liters per hour, has a demining capacity of 4000 square meters per hour and an operating speed of between 0.5 and 3 kilometers per hour. The MV10 is the only demining system in its class that has been verified in a real combat situation. In addition, due to the high engine power and high explosion resistance, the MV10 presents itself as the most powerful system in its category.