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Dan Nicolaie

We celebrate this year too, we honor tradition and cultural roots. We are trying to provide a legacy for posterity and the signs are very good, tradition is naturally embraced. There are also people who see the traditional peasant shirt as a simple clothing item, but things are much more nuanced, and it always tells a story, even if the wearer doesn't suspect it. Recently, I saw on the streets of the Capital a young Asian worker dressed in an i.e. He was commuting to work and unwittingly telling a story, about globalization, beauty, cultural exchange, resistance, survival. In the turbulent 20th century and in the restless 21st century, many Romanians leaving for the bluer dawns also put a hook in their suitcase to prevent them from forgetting the way back home. Now, other travelers on the path of minimal prosperity find her home and try to integrate into the landscape with her help. They still don't understand the symbolic subtleties, maybe they never will, but another aspect is important, they quickly understood that this item of clothing means a lot to Romanians and they want to convey a message of friendship. The Romanians from London, Madrid, Rome, Paris, who proudly carry their bags on the streets of these great European metropolises, also convey a message about identity. Wherever our steps take us in the world, we must not forget that at home there is a bag waiting for us, which belonged to the grandmother, the mother and which will be carried by the sister, wife or daughter.

Here is (and) the good thought from home!

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