Ministry of Health - tips for "cohabiting" with the heat wave

English Section / 20 iunie

Ministry of Health - tips for "cohabiting" with the heat wave

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Our country is hit these days by a new wave of heat wave. The codes are flowing and it is becoming apparent that we are in for a very hot summer. The Ministry of Health has made several recommendations for the population to prevent incidents during heatwave periods. Thus, as much as possible, prolonged exposure to the sun between 11.00 and 18.00 is not recommended: "If you have air conditioning, adjust the device so that the temperature is 5 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. Fans should not be used if the air temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius.If you do not have air conditioning at home, spend 2-3 hours daily in air-conditioned spaces (cinemas, public spaces, shops).Wear sun hats, light clothes and wide, made of natural fibers, in light colors. Take warm showers throughout the day, without wiping yourself off with water." It is also recommended during these periods to drink between 1.5 - 2 liters of liquids daily, without waiting for the feeling of thirst to appear. During periods of heat wave it is recommended to drink a glass of water (or its equivalent) every 15 - 20 minutes. Other recommendations of the ministry:

"Do not drink alcohol (including beer or wine) as it promotes dehydration and reduces the body's ability to fight heat. Avoid drinks with a high caffeine content (coffee, tea, cola) or sugar (carbonated soft drinks) as these are diuretics. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables (melons, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes) because they contain a large amount of water. A dose of yogurt produces the same hydration as a glass of water high energy (sports, gardening, etc.) Take care of people dependent on you (children, elderly people, disabled people) by regularly offering them liquids, even if they do not ask for them , acquaintances who are elderly or disabled, taking an interest in their state of health". To limit the increase in temperature in homes, it is recommended to close the windows exposed to the sun, to draw the blinds and/or curtains. Also, the windows should be opened late in the evening, at night and early in the morning, causing air currents, during the period when the outside temperature is lower than that in the house. It is recommended to turn off or reduce the intensity of artificial light and turn off any electrical appliance that is not needed. For infants and small children, it is recommended to create an environment as normal as possible, away from heat, excessive humidity and air currents, and the feeding system had until that moment should not be changed by introducing new foods during this period. Adequate hydration will be achieved, and for infants, the mother will breastfeed whenever the infant requests. At the slightest sign of suffering of the child or the mother, they will go to the family doctor, who will decide the therapeutic conduct. As far as employers are concerned, it is recommended to reduce the intensity and pace of physical activities, ensure ventilation at workplaces, alternate dynamic with static effort, alternate work periods with rest periods in shaded places with air currents. In order to maintain the employees' health, it is recommended to provide adequate mineral water, 2 - 4 liters per person/shift, to provide individual protective equipment, to provide showers.