Sea Container Services bought the package owned by Transilvania Investments at Orşova Naval

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Shipyard SIF Muntenia has reached a 41.2% ownership of the river ship manufacturer

The port services company Sea Container Services from Constanţa bought the 49.99% stake owned by Transilvania Investments in the Orşova Naval Shipyard, according to the announcements published by the river ship manufacturer on the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

The transaction was carried out on November 14 in the "deal" market, at a unit price of 5.1 lei, with 11.3% below the reference in the "regular" market, the value of the exchange amounting to approximately 29.1 million lei .

Sea Container Services (formerly Property Development) was established in 1998, starting its activity as a containerized cargo operator, later diversifying its range of services provided in the Port of Constanţa, including cargo unloading/loading operations on maritime vessels and river, rail and car wagons, goods storage, handling, etc.

According to the Ziua de Constanţa publication, the Sea Container Services associates are: Stone Group SRL represented by Bogatu Codruţa Dana and Teşeleanu Dumitru - 50% and Pilcă Lenuta and Făinărea Marius 25% each, the company being managed by Ion Dumitru.

Last year, Sea Container Services had a turnover of almost 102 million lei, up 180% compared to 2021, while the net profit amounted to 26.8 million lei, well above the 3.3 million lei from the previous year, according to

Also on November 14, SIF Muntenia reached a holding of 41.2% of the Orşova Naval Shipyard, after acquiring the 28% stake in the company owned by Infinity Capital Investments, also at the price of 5.1 lei per share , 11.3% below the reference, the value of the transaction thus rising to 16.3 million lei.

Lion Capital (formerly SIF Banat-Crişana) controls SIF Muntenia, through the administrator SAI Muntenia Invest, a fact recognized by the Financial Supervisory Authority, but in reality also the management of Infinity Capital Investments, which it imposed three years ago.

For the first nine months of the year, the Orşova Naval Shipyard reported a turnover of 81.8 million lei, 87% above that of the January-September 2022 period, while the net profit amounted to almost four million lei, compared to of a loss of 2.3 million lei. The company attributes the increase in revenue mainly to this year's production schedule. Only in the third quarter, five ships were completed and delivered to external customers at the company's headquarters, namely two stainless steel tanks 86 meters long, two tanks 110 meters long and one container type ship 110 meters long (compared to three ships that were completed and delivered in the same period last year). A fully equipped pontoon was also delivered to an internal customer.

The stock market valuation of the company amounts to approximately 60 million lei.

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