The Minister of Culture, in solidarity with the protesters

English Section / 23 mai

The Minister of Culture, Raluca Turcan(photo source:facebook / RalucaTurcan)

The Minister of Culture, Raluca Turcan(photo source:facebook / RalucaTurcan)

Versiunea în limba română

There are times when disgruntled trade unionists have the same point of view as the authority in their field. The Minister of Culture, Raluca Turcan, stated that she is in solidarity with the museum employees who demand a salary increase and protested in front of the Government on Saturday. According to the minister: "I don't want to avoid the topic of salary in museum institutions. I am at least as upset as the employees of museum institutions and libraries in Romania regarding the level of salary, but especially about a last inequity that was added to the salary law , and I mean the inequity created between the institutions in the field of education and the institutions in the field of culture, with people who have the same training and the same qualification this will be the normative act that you are waiting for, I would honestly like it to come out in a form that will satisfy you. a man with whom I consult professionally and collaborate very closely, I also made a draft law and amendments to other normative acts and I would like the fair version to come out for the employees of these institutions. I have a heartache, I won't hide it from you, but hope dies last, and in the end I am also in solidarity with you in this endeavor". Turcan specified that he appreciates the intention of the museum institutions to open the doors for the youngest visitors, from 1 June: "I appreciate the fact that both the National Museum of Romanian History and other museum institutions that protested on the Night of the Museums are recalibrating their activity for the public on the occasion of June 1, so that we can bring children together with cultural institutions and I thank you all to those who are involved in these activities outside the program, to keep the public close to the cultural act". Unions in the field of cultural heritage protection protested on Saturday, in front of the Government, accusing underfunding in the field.