USA - the main supplier of armaments to the Romanian armed forces

English Section / 13 noiembrie 2023

Photo source: facebook / Ministerul Apararii Nationale

Photo source: facebook / Ministerul Apararii Nationale

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The American Congress approved the purchase by MApN of 54 Abrams tanks

The USA remains the main partner of the Ministry of National Defense regarding the endowment of the Romanian Army, after the American Congress approved the purchase by our country of 54 Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 battle tanks, 12 derived on the tank chassis, ammunition and simulators for training. The 54 battle tanks will join the Patriot system, F16 and F35 fighter jets, Hercules jets, JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicles), HIMARS missiles, Piranha V armored personnel carriers and NSM coastal batteries, all purchased by the Romanian state from the USA.

Regarding the Abrams battle tanks, MapN specifies in a press release: "The combat vehicles that will enter the endowment of the Romanian Land Forces will be delivered in the most modern version of this model, which is also in the equipment of the US Army . The estimated value of the contract is around 1.07 billion dollars, in accordance with the prior approval of the Romanian Parliament. Under US law, the US Congress was notified of a higher initial figure of around $2.5 billion. After approval by Congress, the governments of Romania and the United States will sign the LoA (Letter of Acceptance) contract, the purchase by the Romanian side to be made at the value estimated and approved by the Romanian Parliament. For security of supply, MApN will involve the national profile industry for the provision of integrated logistic support".

The Minister of National Defense, Angel Tîlvăr, emphasized, in this context, that the entry into the straight line of the Abrams program represents not only a major opportunity for the Romanian Land Forces, which will have state-of-the-art combat means, adapted to the challenges of the security environment regionally, but demonstrates as concretely as possible "the solidity and excellent level of cooperation between Romania and the United States", especially in the military field.

According to the quoted source, Minister Tîlvăr said: "The Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States represents one of the pillars on which national security rests and contributes essentially to the strengthening of the defense of the allied eastern flank in the Black Sea region. Patriot surface-to-air and HIMARS surface-to-surface missile systems, Piranha V armored personnel carriers, F-16 multirole aircraft - programs already underway, NSM coastal batteries to be delivered in the near future, as well as the prospect of endowment with aircraft the fifth generation, F-35, for which Romania has already officially opted, represents the most important of the concrete dimensions of bilateral military cooperation, which ensures our country a strengthened position from a strategic point of view in the region, where we act as a pillar of stability of NATO and provides us with strong anchors of interoperability with our allies".

The Minister of National Defense also welcomed the latest deliveries of American combat equipment - on Thursday the first 33 JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicles) armored vehicles for the Special Operations Forces arrived in the country, and on Friday, at Base 90 Aeriana Otopeni, received the second Hercules C-130H aircraft, after the transfer of the first aircraft of this type in September.

The decision of the American Congress was also welcomed by Kathleen Kavalec, the ambassador of the United States in Romania, who stated that the Abrams tanks demonstrate the "power and vitality" of the bilateral relationship and will provide our country with a modern, reliable platform for deterring aggression and defending the borders.

In a press release issued by the US Embassy, Mrs. Kavalec says: "This transaction demonstrates the strength and vitality of our bilateral relationship, as well as our mutual dedication to regional stability and security. The M1A2 Abrams tanks will provide Romania with a modern and reliable platform to deter aggression and defend its borders. They will also contribute to NATO's collective defense and enhance our ability to operate together effectively. The M1A2 SEPv3 is the latest, improved version of the Abrams main battle tank, offering increased protection, survivability, lethality and communications network capability. The tanks are the same variant as those currently used by the United States and will increase Romania's interoperability with the US and NATO allies, especially on the eastern flank of the alliance".

Regarding the defense of our country's borders, Germany decided to send four Eurofighter planes and 150 soldiers to Romania at the end of November, to support NATO's air police mission. The information was announced by the German ambassador to Romania, Peer Gebauer, who stated in a press release: "The repeated violation of Romania's airspace with drones in the past months has shown us again how close Russia's illegal war of aggression against Ukraine is. For this reason, Germany will support its close ally, Romania, in securing its own and NATO's airspace: from the end of November, the German Luftwaffe air force will deploy four Eurofighter fighter jets in Romania, for a limited period, as part of the mission of enhanced air policing Air Policing South (eAPS). Stationing is planned at the Mihail Kogălniceanu military base near Constanţa".

The ambassador also states that a "defense system against small unmanned aerial vehicles" will be deployed to protect the German contingent.

MapN abandons Navy corvette program

Our country officially abandons the military corvette acquisition program, after the cancellation of the tender of over one billion euros, won in 2019 by the French company Naval Group. The Ministry of National Defense initiated a draft Government decision for the repeal of the normative act of 2018 when the program for the provision of military corvettes was approved.

We recall that the Ministry of Defense announced, in August 2023, that it canceled the tender for the construction and purchase of four military corvettes, won in 2019 by the French company Naval Group, because the two parties failed for four years to sign the construction contract and delivery of military corvettes worth over one billion euros. The cancellation of the entire procedure means that the corresponding contract for corvettes could not be awarded to the Dutch company in 2nd place, Damen, given that it had asked for a higher price, and the Ministry of Defense stated in the statement that "the funds necessary for the declaration as being winner of the economic operator from the next place".

The cancellation of the purchase also meant that a possible tender procedure for military corvettes must be started from scratch by the Romanian state.

In order not to bother with such a procedure, MApN decided to abandon the entire program and initiated a draft normative act in this regard.

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