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The US and China dominate the art auction market

The US and China dominate the art auction market

A.V.English Section / 17 aprilie

The market of public auctions of works of art was dominated by the USA last year, according to the results recorded between January 1 and December 31, 2023 by Artprice, an information analysis company in the field, taken over by statista.com....

Cloud AI for Central and Eastern Europe

Cloud AI for Central and Eastern Europe

O.D.English Section / 16 aprilie

Artificial Intelligence can no longer be ignored. The Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization, Bogdan Ivan, stated that during the Summit of the Three Seas Initiative organized in Vilnius last week, he proposed on behalf of Romania the...

Photo source: facebook / Ligia deca

Education, pay based on performance

O.D.English Section / 11 martie

Correlating pay with performance is a welcome measure in any field. Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu asked the Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, to take over the OECD proposals regarding performance-based pay in education and discuss them...

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