Coreea de Nord a lansat două rachete balistice

Coreea de Nord a lansat două rachete balistice

S.B.Internaţional / 1 iulie

Coreea de Nord a lansat luni două rachete balistice, dar este posibil ca una dintre ele să fi zburat anormal, a anunţat armata sud-coreeană, la o zi după ce Nordul a promis răspunsuri "ofensive şi copleşitoare" la un nou exerciţiu militar...

Interwar music has a dedicated festival

Interwar music has a dedicated festival

O.D.English Section / 10 iunie

Old music deserves a chance from new generations. The first edition of the International Interwar Music Festival - FIMI 2024 will take place between July 5 and 7, at the Radio Hall, the "Mihail Jora" Concert Studio. The event dedicated to...

Photo source: facebook / ffeRomania

The capital hosts the European Film Festival

O.D.English Section / 26 aprilie

Movie lovers have a new reason to rejoice. The 28th edition of the European Film Festival (FFE) will debut in Bucharest on Europe Day, on May 9, and will end in Chisinau on June 8, during the weekend of the European Parliament elections, the...

Photo source: facebook/Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision, a tribune of geopolitical squabbles

O.D.English Section / 24 aprilie

The Eurovision contest is changing from one year to the next, the connection with music being ever thinner. This year's edition will be no exception, being preceded by many geopolitical discussions. More than 400 Irish artists urged the...

Election campaign "corrector" for priests

Election campaign "corrector" for priests

O.D.English Section / 12 martie

Election campaigns manage to upset the political world, but the effects are felt in all layers of society. BOR servants are no exception. The leadership of the Romanian Orthodox Church approved a "Correcting" which refers to the attitude...

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