Microplastics, a threat to Antarctica

Microplastics, a threat to Antarctica

O.D.English Section / 9 februarie

The widespread pollution of the world's waters by millions of tons of waste has flooded the oceans with microplastics. These are the result of the physical and chemical degradation of objects, a process that lasts hundreds of years. The...

Greenland, "a sponge" for greenhouse gases

Greenland, "a sponge" for greenhouse gases

O.D.English Section / 2 februarie

Nature continues to amaze with how it manages to regulate certain processes. Greenland absorbs more methane - a powerful greenhouse gas that accelerates climate warming - than it emits, according to a study conducted by the University of...

New Frontiers: Ancient Lake Sediments on Mars

New Frontiers: Ancient Lake Sediments on Mars

O.D.English Section / 30 ianuarie

Space exploration has been a major concern for humans since ancient times. If for a long time the study was done from a distance, now things have changed. NASA's Perseverance rover has collected data confirming the existence of ancient lake...

Greenland Ice Sheet Lost 5,091 Square Kilometers

Greenland Ice Sheet Lost 5,091 Square Kilometers

O.D.English Section / 19 ianuarie

The challenges related to climate change are increasing, and the transformations are evident. It is clear that without concrete measures, the losses will be enormous. The Greenland ice sheet lost an area of 5,091 square kilometers between 1985...

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) - "Melencolia I" (1514)

Aversion to Rationality

MAKEEnglish Section / 27 decembrie 2023


The communication between God and Moses on Mount Sinai is such a powerful narrative in the Holy Book that the subsequent fusion of revelation and reason - a process explored in earlier episodes of this essay - fades into the background, even...

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