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Photo source: energyfest.upb.ro

Photo source: energyfest.upb.ro

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The second edition of EnergyFEST, the largest event dedicated to green energy and sustainability, will take place between March 14-16, 2024, at Politehnica Bucharest, which will present the latest technological discoveries in the field of clean energy to the general public, the organizers say. According to the organizers: "From the various industrial sectors, to means of transport and methods of heating, energy is an integral element of our daily life. Unfortunately, it is also one of the main sources of polluting emissions and greenhouse gases . However, there are solutions through which we can contribute to sustainable development and reduce the effects of climate change. How do new digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, influence the development of a smarter and more interactive energy system, but also our daily lives? You will find out how the technological progress of equipment, the development of communication systems and computing techniques influence the double ecological and digital transition". During the event, top companies will present innovative solutions that contribute to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the impact on the environment. Also, the exhibitions will highlight current and future trends, as well as the efforts made to promote clean energy sources. Visitors will also learn about the latest technologies that change the paradigm in the production and use of energy. Regulatory authorities, experts and representatives of public institutions will participate in intense debates about strategic directions for the energy sector. At the same time, researchers from universities and research institutes will present leading projects aimed at innovative technological solutions and the sustainable development of the energy industry, the organizers also state. Last but not least, students and young people will have the chance to interact directly with representatives of the main companies in the field and to explore the career opportunities available in an interactive environment. EnergyFEST will take place in the Politehnica Bucharest campus and is addressed both to professionals and future engineers - students and pupils, as well as to the general public. Annually, EnergyFEST brings together the most important actors in the energy field, bringing together leading companies, regulatory authorities, public institutions, researchers and representatives of the academic environment. The first edition brought together over 50 companies and 20,000 visitors.

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