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Balancing market prices, totally out of control

Balancing market prices, totally out of control

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 16 iulie

Due to the existence of an oligopoly in the energy balancing market, which imposes ever higher prices, a significant part of the energy suppliers could close their doors in the next three months, if the Government, the Ministry of Energy or the...

Photo source: facebook/ FIFA EURO 2024

EURO 2024: the 2.5 billion euro final

Octavian DanEnglish Section / 12 iulie

Spain and England will play the EURO 2024 final on Sunday in Berlin. Spain was the nice surprise of the tournament, performing at a high level in every match, England managed only one good match, in the semi-finals, but it confirms the...

The authorities targeted the brown bear again

The authorities targeted the brown bear again

Octavian DanEnglish Section / 11 iulie

The authorities targeted the bears again. A tragic event, resulting in the death of a young woman, put a problem that was always postponed, but never solved, back on the screen. The Minister of Environment, Mircea Fechet, declared after the...

Alegeri parlamentare de Ziua Naţională

Alegeri parlamentare de Ziua Naţională

I.Ghe.Ziarul BURSA #Politică / 5 iulie

Coaliţia de guvernare PSD-PNL a decis, ieri, ca alegerile parlamentare să se desfăşoare de 1 Decembrie, Ziua Naţională a României. În urma întâlnirii de la Palatul Victoria, cele două delegaţii conduse de premierul Marcel Ciolacu şi Nicolae Ciucă...

Parliamentary elections on National Day

Parliamentary elections on National Day

I.Ghe.English Section / 5 iulie

The governing coalition PSD-PNL decided, yesterday, that the parliamentary elections will take place on December 1, Romania's National Day. Following the meeting at the Victoria Palace, the two delegations led by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu...

Illustration by MAKE

Europe's air traffic nightmare

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 2 iulie

Air transport seems to face serious problems every summer season. The large number of flights scheduled during the summer, the lack of available slots and the unfavorable weather conditions caused by climate change lead to the cancellation or...

Elena Lasconi declared: "From today the reconstruction of the USR begins and we will work more united and determined than ever because what is at stake is the loss of democracy in Romania".(Photo source: facebook / Elena Lasconi alege Câmpulung)

Elena Lasconi, the new president of USR

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 27 iunie

Elena Lasconi won the leadership of the USR party, with 68% of the members' votes. The mayor of Câmpulung declared at the end of the vote that she has demonstrated that she can build bridges between people and generations.

Edward Iordănescu: "After the incredible atmosphere in Munich, came the lesson of support and affection in Koln. The most emotional moments for me as a coach so far. I am grateful and thank you personally, but also on behalf of the entire staff and of the national team locker room, on behalf of all our boys!" (Photo source: facebook / Edi Iordănescu)

EURO 2024: qualifying in eighths and mass arithmetic

Dan NicolaieEnglish Section / 26 iunie

Dan Nicolaie

The national team plays today a decisive match for the qualification to the round of 16 of EURO 2024. The situation in our group is complicated enough that anything is possible. Against this background, football fans have rediscovered arithmetic...

Elena Lasconi, recently re-elected mayor of the Câmpulung municipality, claims: "I refuse to sit with my hands in my chest and watch how democracy in this country that we all love is going down the drain. I know that I can change a lot and I have to try, as I do every day at Câmpulung". "(Photo source: facebook / Elena Lasconi alege Câmpulung Muscel)

Big crowding at the USR presidency

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 18 iunie

The resignation of Cătălin Drula from the leadership of the USR after the disastrous result recorded in the elections of June 9 and the start of the internal process for the election of the new president of that political formation, revealed the...

"Litălşi - nişte mititei" s-a lansat la New York

"Litălşi - nişte mititei" s-a lansat la New York

R.S.Miscellanea / 17 iunie

Peste 80.000 de vizitatori au luat parte la evenimentul "Romania Day on Broadway". Început ca o simplă strategie de marketing, lansarea Litălşi-nişte mititei la New York se va transforma în ieşirea produsului românesc pe piaţa din Statele...

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