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PSD sliding down, Covid-19 and the deficit on the rise

PSD sliding down, Covid-19 and the deficit on the rise

Emilia Olescu, George Marinescu (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 07 septembrie

The aftermath of the political dispute in July made its negative effects fully felt throughout August. Due to the political indecision regarding the quarantine law that tormented the Romanian society in the middle of summer, we faced, last month,...

What will the post-pandemic world look like

What will the post-pandemic world look like

Mihai Gongoroi (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 29 aprilie

The biggest challenge for the world right now is to find a way out of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus on avoiding new epidemic waves after social distancing measures are loosened, says Andre Cappon, founding president of CBM Group of New...

Viorel Ştefan (Sursa foto: Twitter)

VIOREL ŞTEFAN: "Turismul este un sector prioritar"

T.V.Politică / 21 februarie 2019

Turismul este un sector prioritar în ţara noastră, iar Guvernul actual a luat măsuri concrete are au dus la creşterea substanţială a acestuia, a afirmat, astăzi, vicepremierul Viorel Ştefan, la deschiderea celei de-a 41-a ediţii a Târgului de...

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Wages - more money, more problems

ADELINA TOADER, EMILIA OLESCU translated by Cosmin GhidoveanuZiarul BURSA #English Section / 08 februarie 2019

The PSD did what everybody wants. It raised wages. We all want happy Romanians. If we could, we would raise employees' wages every day, in fact, we would do so hourly. There is no moral limit on that. The limitations on that are economic. The...


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