France, Romania's third commercial partner

France, Romania's third commercial partner

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 12 iulie

Romanian-French trade relations are at a high level as long as France ranks third in the dynamics of Romania's economic relations with other countries, being also the third foreign investor in our country, but also in the top 10 - 9th place...

Virgin Galactic put spacewalks on hold

Virgin Galactic put spacewalks on hold

O.D.English Section / 11 iunie

Space tourism is not a very easy business to manage. Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company, flew its last flight last week before a two-year hiatus from commercial operations to develop a new class of more cost-effective space vehicles....

Tourism: Bulgarian neighbors boast excellent water

Tourism: Bulgarian neighbors boast excellent water

O.D.English Section / 10 iunie

Europe has entered the holiday season and all states are doing their best to attract as many tourists as possible. All tests carried out on seawater samples taken along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast prove that it is of excellent quality, said...

Space tourism: Successful trip by Blue Origin

Space tourism: Successful trip by Blue Origin

O.D.English Section / 22 mai

Space tourism is a reality of this century. The steps are still small, but the direction is clear: up, up. Blue Origin, the space company of billionaire Jeff Bezos, launched a crew of six from West Texas to the edge of space, resuming activities...

Crosspoint Real Estate, an associate of the Savills real estate company in Romania, informs: "In Bucharest, a city with a low stock of high-street retail spaces, located on Calea Victoriei, the average rent is 55 euros/sq.m. month".

Famous brands invest in real estate

O.D.English Section / 21 mai

Real estate remains a solid sector in which massive investments are made. Luxury brands have become a major player in the real estate investment market, with several luxury brands making property purchases of over euro6 billion in 2023, a trend...

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