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eToro is planning its listing

eToro is planning its listing

V.R.English Section / 27 februarie

Stockbroking platform eToro is attracting interest from bankers and investors about its listing after abandoning plans to go public through a merger with a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company), according to CEO Yoni Assia. He said as quoted...

ChatGPT will know everything about users

ChatGPT will know everything about users

O.D.English Section / 15 februarie

Artificial Intelligence is developing and increasing its capabilities. It is not yet clear whether this is good news or bad news. The future will tell us. According to experts, in the near future, ChatGPT will remember information about users,...

Technology, in the service of evil

Technology, in the service of evil

O.D.English Section / 7 februarie

Technology makes people's lives easier, but when it falls into the wrong hands it can do a lot of harm. A scalpel in the hand of a surgeon can save a life, used by a criminal can end it. Fourteen people suspected of belonging to a vast...

Millions of Lei for Domestic Research

Millions of Lei for Domestic Research

O.D.English Section / 11 ianuarie

The Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization has launched the competition for the "Demonstrative Experimental Project" funding instrument, with a budget of 53,000,000 lei, funds from the National Plan for Research,...

Continuity and renewal. The pair at the top of BVB (photo: Radu Hanga, president, medallion: Adrian Tănase, general manager) is maintained, but the supervisory team has been renewed. Will this renewal have consequences?

What do BSE brokers and analysts expect this year?

Andrei IacomiEnglish Section / 8 ianuarie

Lower interest rates by the world's major central banks, which favors equity markets, high-yielding dividend distributions by Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) companies, progress towards moving our market into the MSCI Emerging Markets category...

Science: Images Obtained through "Brain Decoding"

Science: Images Obtained through "Brain Decoding"

O.D.English Section / 19 decembrie 2023

Artificial Intelligence continues to amaze, even as its use becomes increasingly widespread. Japanese scientists have achieved a groundbreaking feat by creating mental images of objects and landscapes generated by human brain activity using...

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